Mrs. Atmadja’s Fifteen Seconds of Fame


Rachel Seo, Photojournalist

She’s already famous at our school, known for her avid enthusiasm for math. But what about on a worldwide scale?


On January 14, the music video for Maroon 5’s single “Sugar” hit YouTube.  The video, inspired by the movie Wedding Crashers, featured the band (headed by famous frontman Adam Levine) crashing several weddings to perform their latest hit as a surprise for the wedding party. The video captures the various reactions and emotions of the brides, grooms, and guests, all the while promoting “Sugar’s” upbeat, funk-pop tune.


While much Internet speculation has occurred over the legitimacy of the weddings, the students and faculty of YLHS know that at least one wedding was legitimate: Mrs. Atmadja’s daughter’s wedding was featured in the video, and Mrs. Atmadja herself has the story to share.


“We had dinner, and then we were told that there was a surprise waiting for us, so we were ushered into this area, and there was a white sheet across the room, and this guy said, ‘Do you love Maroon 5?’” she said. “And [the guy said] ‘They’re going to perform for you,’ and I was like, ‘No way that we’re going to have Maroon 5 in there…I figured that when the [white sheet] dropped there would be a big-screen TV, and they [were] just going to televise a Maroon 5 concert from somewhere…And so then the music started, the [sheet] dropped, and …[Adam Levine] was sitting [there]…and I was screaming like crazy because I was just so shocked that he was there.”


According to Mrs. Atmadja, her son-in-law had known about Maroon 5, but he had still been skeptical. “ ‘…They contacted him to see if it was okay…he didn’t believe it either, but he was like, ‘What have I got to lose,’ but he didn’t tell a soul.”
As of February 10, the video has over 121 million views on YouTube and over a million likes. And yes, viewers can see Mrs. Atmadja’s shocked face in the actual video, hovering in the background.