McKenna Rawley Commits to Hawaii Pacific University


Emma Perron

McKenna Rawley is talking about her choice of her college and why she decided to commit to Hawaii Pacific University

Emma Perron, Editor

Hawaii Pacific University gained a phenomenal soccer player. She has proved herself on and off the field. Rawley is such a hard worker, which shows in everything she does. On November 2, 2022, she announced her verbal commitment on Instagram, stating, “I am very excited to announce my verbal commitment to continue my academic and athletic career at Hawaii Pacific University. Thank you to my friends, family, and coaches for all the support. Proud to be a shark.” 


On November 30, McKenna Rawley signed her papers to fully commit to Hawaii Pacific University. She is officially a shark and is ready to start her college career after high school. McKenna states, “I committed here because the campus and area are stunning. Hawaii is such a beautiful place, and there are my reasons for loving it. It feels like a vacation every day, and I love the overall atmosphere of the people, coach, and teammates. I am most excited to explore Hawaii, meet new people, and live at the beach every day.” 


McKenna has been through clubs to help her along her journey. McKenna Rawley (12) states, “I played for surf for the first ten years of my club experience, and then I switched over to SoCal Blues. These teams and coaches helped me get to where I am.” She grew up playing soccer, but it wasn’t until high school that she realized she wanted to pursue college soccer. “It’s always been my goal to continue to play soccer at the collegiate level, but I started to realize I wanted to play college soccer at the beginning of high school,” expresses Rawley. 


Throughout her high school career, she was a working horse and always performed the best she could. McKenna Rawley, her sophomore, was voted defensive player on JV. In junior year, she was Offensive league MVP, and first-team all-league and senior year awards have yet to come out. Still, she has killed it on defense and offense. She is a key player, a fantastic captain, and a great friend. Alongside her, Thalia Lopez (12), another captain, expresses, “kenna puts in the work on and off the field. Even after games or practices, she would continue working to ensure she was the best possible version of herself each day.” One last captain Gianna Giglotti (12), states, Playing soccer with kenna in High School and Club, I have gotten to know her as a player and a friend. As my other center back, kenna always has had my back and did whatever it took to help the team be successful. I am so proud to have played with her during my senior year. I know she is going to kill it next year.” Her teammates show that she is always willing to put in or do the work she needs to, but she goes above that. McKenna is hardworking, and it is well-deserved for her to play college soccer. 


In McKenna’s life, her parents were always there for her. On national signing day, February 1, 2023, McKenna’s parents were front row cheering for her and wearing her college shirt. She states, “My biggest supporters are my parents. I could never thank them enough for all they have done for me.” 


McKenna has earned this every bit of the way. Yorba Linda High School Women’s Soccer Program, YLHS student body, staff, friends, and family are so proud of you. Enjoy your college life in Hawaii. We can’t wait to see you kick butt out there.