Reyn Beal Commits to the University of Chicago


Reyn Beal

Yorba Linda High School’s three year QB commits to D1 to University of Chicago.

Emma Perron , Editor

With another big announcement Reyn Beal, our star quarterback for the last three years, committed to the University of Chicago. Yorba Linda High School Football posted on January 31, 2023, that Reyn is attending the University of Chicago; the post states, “Extremely proud of our three-year QB Reyn Beal for committing to the University of Chicago to play D1 Football.” 


Ever since Reyn was little, he looked up to Tom Brady. He has accomplished much throughout his high school career, which helps lead to his commitment today. In his career, he was a sophomore on varsity and has been the quarterback for three years. Beal (12) states, “I’ve always tried copying his quick-release style of a throw. He has been my favorite quarterback my whole life.” 


Not only is Reyn a great athlete, but he is also an intelligent student with a GPA of 4.59 and an SAT score of 1480 which got him a scholar athlete four times. His outstanding awards are 2022 All-CIF, CIF D3 Champion, 2022 All-Star, ’22 and ’21 League MVP, ’21 and ’20, Team MVP, 1st Team All-League, Captain, and four times player of the game. Beal broke some records, and here are two of them, 39-3 and 6,643 yards. He threw 63 touchdowns and 416 completions. He has a 67.5% completion. 


 The University of Chicago is a big deal, and Reyn had to make big decisions. Reyn Beal (12) states, “It felt like home when I visited. I met some of the coolest people and coaches at the school, but I am also in love with the place.”


With the support of his teammates and coaches, he has had an incredible career in high school football. His teammate William Saucedo (12) states, “Reyn deserves it because he has worked hard his whole life to perfect his skills. I am extremely proud of him and how far he has come. He is always fun to be around and brightens your day. He impacted me by encouraging me to do better and play to the best of my ability.” Another teammate Jon Silvestri (11), expresses, “Beal is such a great player because of his perseverance. Whenever he makes a mistake, he always picks his head up and works until he is perfect. Not only was he a great quarterback, but he was also a friend to me. I felt he could always rely on our offense to make plays and get the job done.” His teammates knew Beal was a key player on the team and that he would move on to great things. Coach Bailey has a significant impact on the football team, whether like a dad or a great coach. “Fire Up, Reyn! Well deserved,” states Coach Bailey 



Reyn Beal had an outstanding high school career and performed every game the best he could, so he would never let his coaches, teammates, or friends down. Silvestri (11) adds, “Overall, it was an incredible experience with a quarterback as expert as Beal. I know he will do great in college.” Without a doubt, Reyn deserves this. He has worked so hard to come down this road.” Beal (12) conveys, “I thank my parents. They sacrificed everything for me. I am so blessed to call them Mom and Dad.”  


Congratulations, Reyn Beal, on committing to the University of Chicago. Your family, friends, classmates, teammates, coaches, and staff are proud of you. We all know you will do great things as a Maroon. And for the last time, “feel the Beal…feel the Beal.” Good Luck Reyn Beal; you will be missed.