Valentine’s Day Around the World

Yeji Kim, Photojournalist

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!


Romantic Festival of Valentine’s Day is a special day not only in America, but also in other countries around the world. People all over the world celebrate Valentine’s Day by expressing love to special ones. However, due to cultural and social differences, traditions and customs of celebrating Valentine’s day vary in different countries. Let’s get to know how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in other countries!


Valentine’s Day in Japan: Valentine’s Day is celebrated on two different dates in Japan. On February 14th, women give gifts to men. In return, females get their gifts from males on the White Day celebrated on March 14th. In Japan, there is a strong tradition of women gifting chocolates to men on this day. Hon-mei is a type of chocolate for lovers and girl-choco is another type of chocolate for close male friends. Similar to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and China also celebrate Valentine’s Day on two different dates, February 14th and March 14th.


Valentine’s Day in South Africa: On Valentine’s Day, girls in South Africa pin their lovers name on their sleeves and wish for love during a festival of Lupercalia.


Valentine’s Day in Denmark: In Denmark, Valentine’s Day is celebrated with sweet and romantic traditional activities and great parties. Some popular traditions of Valentine’s Day in Denmark include giving lover’s card, sending white flowers called snowdrops, and writing special poems known as gaekkebrev.


Valentine’s Day in Britain: Valentine’s Day is celebrated with passion and charm in Britain. Although different regions have slightly different traditions of celebrating Valentine’s Day, one unchanging custom is the singing of sweet songs by young children. Back in the Elizabethan Age, unmarried women in Britain believed that the first man they see on Valentine’s Day would marry them within a year.


Valentine’s Day in Scotland: In Scotland, people send cards known as Valentines to their dear ones and neighbors anonymously. When Valentine’s Day is near, people wait for the postman’s arrival every day.


Valentine’s Day is truly the world’s “holiday of love.”