The Fast Paced Lifestyle – A Running Hamster Wheel


Don’t let life fly past you. Find your ‘why’ in life, do not just following what others do.

Cynthia Lan, Photojournalist

Nowadays, the world feels much faster and more convenient than before. For example, back in the 18th century if you wanted to chat with your friends in another country, you may have to wait for a response for months after you send them a letter. Now, you simply just need to find a social media site that both you and your friends are using, write the messages, and click the send button. Then, within seconds, your message will be sent to wherever your friends are.


I feel that keeping up with the fast paced life is exhausting, yet it is exhilarating to see the items on my to-do list be marked off one by one.

— Tiffany Oh

With these convenient tools, human beings are not idle; they work hard for their goals day in, day out, morning, noon, and night to get work done. Many hope that they can accomplish many things and have high goal expectations. “I feel that keeping up with the fast paced life is exhausting, yet it is exhilarating to see the items on my to-do list be marked off one by one” Tiffany Oh (9) expressed.


Many days we see ads around us, recommending their product/service to help build something faster, get something done faster, help you finish your work in 10 seconds, and so on. These commonly seen goals grow bigger and bigger in our subconscious unconsciously. Gradually, people start to think that you have to be fast to win. For instance, more businesses have been created to train people to get ahead in things such as school and skills before the average age to learn these things come.


Three years ago, the anthropologist Kathryn Bouskill teamed up with an engineer, Seifu Chonde, to study “how people are adapting to this age of acceleration, and its security and policy implications” (TED Talk). They are questioning that if humans keep accelerating their life speed, what will happen after 25 years to the “transportation, learning, communication, manufacturing, weaponry, or even natural selection? Will a faster future make us more secure and productive? Or will it make us more vulnerable?” (Kathryn Bouskill). In their research, they observed that people think doing things in a fast way is unavoidable; a must do thing. Anytime they slow down, they think they are procrastinating, facing a risk, or missed something. Currently, in my business class, when students are presenting the goals they have for the new year, most of their goals are focusing and finishing things in a faster speed, working harder, etc. People have high expectations for themselves, but there are things they do everyday that feels like it’s never going to end.


According to Mr. Domen, who is a U.S. history, AVID, and Gear up teacher at YLHS, he explained that he enjoys teaching the three different unique classes, jumping from one subject to another subject everyday are interesting. “Its adds some diversity to my schedule, and some excitement” he said. “As longs as I prepare the lessons for each class in advance, and stay organized using my calendar, it is very manageable to do.” He feels like his day flies by because of this tight schedule. Not only that, he also trains the football team in the off season with the schedule for their strength and conditioning program from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. with running for one hour and lift for an hour. Then he will do some additional workouts himself in the evenings, and he usually get home around 6 p.m. “Its a busy day, but a very fulfilling day” he added. He doesn’t find that he needs to re-arrange his emotions after a stressful day to be ready for the next day of work. “After a stressful day I like to exercise, play with my dog, and spend time with my wife and family. Having a great family allows me to escape stresses that might occur during a given day” Mr. Domen said.


Compared with people who lived in the 90s, they seem to have more time to spend with their family, even though they don’t have speedy electronics to help them accomplish tasks. People hundreds of years ago seem to be more creative than today. Don’t electronics make our life easier? Why are we getting busier these days? It is great if you have desires and want to be successful, but make sure to slow down and think about the purpose of why you want to do it. For more questions, I recommend you to see this video: