Bacon Heals

Hannah Kim, Photojournalist

We’ve all heard from everyone and their mothers that bacon is bad. Bacon is just a heart attack waiting to happen. Bacon is just an unhealthy blob of grease. Well guess what. We could tell all those people to think again because studies have shown that bacon has healing properties! “What the heck? This makes me a whole lot less guilty when I eat bacon!” Lilian Nasr (11).


Dr. Jen Gunter has discovered that pork can help remedy some medical conditions! One of the medical remedies of bacon is for nose bleeds. Especially if you have an extremely rare platelet disorder, also known as Glanzmann thrombasthenia, like a a little 4 – year – old girl who had to make a trip out to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan. This child came in with a profuse nose bleed, so doctors had given her a clotting protein, red blood transfusion, a coagulating serum, and layers of gauze over a span of five days. But, the bleeding started again as soon as the doctors had just cleared her nose. Oddly enough, the Michigan State University crew just stuck strips of cured salt pork into both of her nostrils! Although this may seem rather eccentric, the bacon did wonders. The doctors checked her nose again after three days and found a significantly less amount of blood in her nose.


Gunter says that due to the high salt content found in bacon, it causes swelling; therefore, constricting the blood vessels, then slows the bleeding so the blood can do its job and clot.


The little girl ended up having another nose bleed but doctors knew to just stick bacon in her nostrils once again. Almost immediately after the salty pork treatment, her bleeding had stopped!


Another remedy by bacon is for a nasty  skin condition; dermatobia hominis. This condition is a parasite that causes furuncular myiasis, which then causes boils and the deterioration of skin tissue. Wouldn’t want to Google what that looks like.


The only known way to get rid of this condition is to pick its larvae out of the skin using tweezers. But in order for this process to be carried out, the larvae has make its way close to the surface of the skin for easy plucking.


In order to bait the larvae, bacon fat is used to entice the larvae, which in turn speeds up the process greatly. Therefore, making the whole process a lot more bearable.


Another remedy by bacon is used for scabies, also known as body lice. A study during the late 1900’s a cold cream was invented that had a pork-fat based solution. This solution had an 88 percent cure rate and was one of the cheapest scabies medication ever created at that time period.


The wonders of bacon are still unknown but hey, i don’t think anyones complaining. “That is so cool; we can transform something known as ‘unhealthy’ into a medical innovation!” Kyla Qumsieh (11).  Maybe us as mustangs can come together and discover a new and innovative new cure to help make the world a little better and possibly make the lives of individuals a little bit brighter. Lets come together and create greatness. Lets come together and find something that no one thought was possible (like bacon as a cure).