: Holiday Gifts for “Impossible” People


Caption: Photo represents a few presents you can buy for an “impossible” person to shop for. Credit: Rolling Stone

Megan Wang, photojournalist

For some people, the highlight of this holiday season is shopping for their loved ones. “The process of thinking and preparing the gift, then seeing the person’s reaction,” stated Eunice Kim (9) when asked about her favorite part of gift-giving. While gift-giving is relatively stress-free, there will always be one person who will be very vague or indecisive… and end up leaving the gift-giver wondering for hours what to get them. So to combat this problem, here are a few gift ideas for getting “impossible” people for this year’s 2022 holiday season. 

The love of food can be enjoyed worldwide by cultures, no matter what day or holiday. A common thing that many look forward to during the holiday season is delicious snacks and treats. Present ideas that are simple and you can’t go wrong with during this holiday season are Christmas Chex mix, hot cocoa bombs, gingerbread cookies, candy canes, meringues, and popcorn, as mentioned in The Pioneer Woman. These delicious sweets can be homemade or store-bought. Also, a simple way to make all of these treats is to use the dash home gadgets or presents that even an impossible person would enjoy is the dash home gadgets. These include the dash mini waffle maker, rice cooker, pie maker, grill, doughnut maker, and homemade ice cream maker at Target and Walmart. 

“The process of thinking and preparing the gift, then seeing the person’s reaction,””

— Eunice Kim (9)

Convenient and efficient electronics that would be perfect for a person impossible to shop for include: Air Pods and portable chargers, which would be perfect for being on the go. Also, Kindle paperweights, Apple Air tags, and Amazon Echo are all very effective and useful gifts. These gifts can be bought at Amazon.com, BestBuy, Costco, and Target.

To fully enjoy the festive season, nothing beats being cozy and warm. Presents that you can buy to follow the tradition are cozy blankets, mittens, gloves, and wool socks at target, Costco, Walmart, TJMAXX, department stores, amazon, etc. 

But perhaps people that are impossible to shop for don’t want objects but experiences. Experience ideas include concerts, festivals, going to the snow, Baking with family and friends, or IOUs. 

Have a wonderful holiday, and best of luck shopping for Christmas presents.