HEALTH ALERT: Senior-itis

Image courtesy of Yes, yes I do.

Kevin Chiang, Photojournalist

ATTENTION: DO NOT BE ALARMED. It is –itis season, boys and girls. Senioritis. A crippling disease affecting only the Senior population. Symptoms vary, but all afflicted will show signs of increased laziness, as well as a lack of studying, repeated absences, and a dismissive, overly relaxed attitude. Currently, the only known cure for Senioritis is an odd and obscure ritual known as “graduation.” Research into this “graduation” phenomenon is pending, but it appears it is done around the month of July, and those who participated are filled with unusual amounts of enthusiasm and hope. However, even though there is no definite cure for senioritis, don’t lose hope, students! Through intense study, methods have been revealed that can slow the corrupting influence of Senioritis until such time as the afflicted can undergo “graduation.” Take these tips to heart, for Senioritis doesn’t just make people rude and lazy; it can ruin futures.

Explore Some Interests:

Senior Year is an exciting time. Soon, students will go to college and start to face the real world. However, the distractedness caused by Senioritis can really clip some wings, and no one wants their wings clipped while they fly towards the future. Consider taking up an internship or a job. Evidence has shown that the “I-don’t-care” attitude can sometimes be displaced by diverting it into a job or activity. If it doesn’t cure attitude, then at least something productive is being done.

Plan like Batman

Just like the dark knight, what may be needed for this nigh-incurable epidemic is a plan. And not just any short range, quick-finish plan, but a huge, MONTHS LONG PLAN. Put down every absolute deadline, every research paper, every grade check, every test, every homework assignment, even every word you will write every day (admittedly, that last one might be pushing it, but it helps make a point). By planning what to do, it is possible to keep from forgetting or “tactically avoiding” homework, projects, and tests.

No Obsess, do Less

Senior year presents a number of factors that can increase the effect of Senioritis. Obsessing over the image one is presenting to college can drastically shorten the amount of time needed for Senioritis to do its work. The director of admission at Oberlin College provides some key strategies to combat this: “Don’t spend the whole senior year obsessing about college admission. Going about the business of being a good student and good citizen, making choices for the betterment of your brain, body, and spirit, often offers more benefit for college admission that some plan crafted to impress college admission officers.” In short: do things you love and want to do, not things you think the other guys want you to do.

Have Much Super Fun Time

Let’s face it. It’s your final year here, and now you (and associated peers) are top dog, the seniors, highest of the high. It’s a time to relax before going out into the real world, and anyway, graduation will be in a few months. In short,