Spotify Wrapped


Courtesy of Screenshot via Spotify

An opening page on Spotify, displaying your Wrapped page.

Tatum Steward, Photo Journalist

With the year ending and the holidays approaching, one gift is wrapped extra special just for you! Since 2016, Spotify has released a cumulative collection of each of its users’ top songs, artists, and genres to wrap up the season. Spotify Wrapped is an exciting release that never goes unnoticed, with just about everyone reposting theirs on Instagram and Snapchat for people to see. 

Curated just for them, Spotify users open the app to their Wrapped Collection of the Year, usually beginning with an overview of their top genres for the year, continuing on with a feature that changes each year. This year, the app showed its users a 3 genre collection, starting in the morning and ending in the night; it displayed what genre users listened to during certain times of the day. Moving on, the app gives a total number of hours listened for the entire year for that individual, which is followed by the listener’s most played songs and how many times it was played. Charts of top songs and top artists are also featured before the slideshow ends in a different feature each year, and this year’s was a “listening personality.” 

One of the coolest factors that make up Spotify Wrapped is how hyperspecific it is to its user. We get to see what percentile we are in of our favorite artists! Some people get to be in the top 1% of an artist, while others can be in the top 0.0001%! As cool as it is, many people feel indifferent about their Spotify Wrapped results. Personally, I felt that it was completely wrong since my top 5 artists were people I had barely listened to. Ashley Tsai (11) agrees with my dissatisfaction stating, “my Spotify Wrapped was totally incorrect! My top song was not at all what I expected; I feel like I barely even listened to it.”

My Spotify Wrapped was totally incorrect! My top song was not at all what I expected; I feel like I barely even listened to it!”

— Ashley Tsai (11)

I guess it can be hard to imagine that a song you listened to 8 months ago charted as your #1, simply because you played it for a month straight! 

Whether you agreed with your Spotify Wrapped or not, it sure does tell us a lot about ourselves and makes us wonder: “Did I really listen to that song 101 times?!” Even if it felt inaccurate, it really is a fun way to end the year and get us thinking about what we should be listening to heading into the new year.