Is Disney Channel Going Downhill?


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The opening view for Disney Channel when you watch in the early 2000s.

Tatum Steward, Photo Journalist

The 2000s were full of celebrity drama, incoming fashion trends, and the rise of social media. However, one of the most notorious memories many people have of the 2000s is the popularity of Disney Channel and its original movies. Growing up, it felt like there was nowhere to turn without seeing something involving Disney. Yet as we get older, it feels as though Disney Channel has simply become less popular. This begs the question, is Disney Channel going downhill and turning away its child audience, or are we just getting older? 

In the past, it felt like Disney Channel was more real with humor and content that even adults enjoyed. I remember watching TV with my mom as a kid, and she could sit through an entire episode with me, but now I rarely see parents enjoying their children’s shows. Sure, maybe my parents just watched my shows to spend time with me, but even now she tells me she did like shows such as Good Luck Charlie. 

I have three cousins that I am extremely close with who are all years younger than me, and whenever I sit down to watch TV with them, I am never impressed or even satisfied with what I watch. In my opinion, the jokes are cheap and feel reused. There does not seem to be much depth in the shows, as the plotlines are less creative and repetitive. Furthermore, the writing feels stale, as if it were written within one day. Shows such as Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, and Suite Life of Zack and Cody had humor, content, and character personalities that can appeal to nearly anyone of any age range. 

I realize I am very opinionated and possibly biased on this topic, but I believe it is for good reason. The majority of people enjoyed or at least tolerated the old Disney Channel, but now I rarely hear children speak of it at all. So what has changed in these few short years? This could be because there are more opportunities for screenwriters and young actors to work for higher quality products; therefore, it is not as appealing to begin their career on Disney Channel. It could also be the decrease in cable television viewership, which has led children to turn toward a greater variety of other entertainment sources. 

Maybe I have just grown out of it, but if you ask me, Disney Channel has gone downhill since the early 2000s. There used to be a sense of magic around it, but now it has disappeared. Nayeli Ramirez (11) explains, “Disney Channel gives me really good nostalgia, and sometimes when I re-watch shows it reminds me of when I was younger when I was excited to watch them.

Disney Channel gives me really good nostalgia, and sometimes when I re-watch shows it reminds me of when I was younger when I was excited to watch them.

— Nayeli Ramirez (11)

If Disney Channel is truly going downhill, hopefully, there is a resuscitation of the classic humor that once dominated television for children.