Is Disneyland Worth the Money?


Chase Kim

Disneyland is one of the most popular tourist locations, but is the price worth it?

Journey Mou, Photojournalist

From food at every corner you turn to merchandise stores scattered at the most convenient places, walking through Disneyland is like strolling past a neon “Buy Me” sign. Though it depends on the family to determine whether or not a trip to Disneyland is worth the money, there is a guarantee they will be spending a couple of hundred dollars when entering The Happiest Place on Earth.


With ticket prices starting at $104 per day for adults and $97 for children ages three to nine, Disneyland is one of the costliest theme parks to go to in California. To get a “Park Hopper Pass,” which allows you to cross from Disneyland to Disney California Adventure Park, it is an additional $60, not to mention the $30 parking per car to get in and $20 to get a Genie+ Service to use the Lightning Lane entrances. Parking is a mandatory payment if a person wants to use Disney’s parking structure, and most people purchase the extra add-ons for convenience. Along with the idea of convenience, Disneyland offers a Magic Key, a pass that allows one to reserve days to go to Disneyland for a year. Starting at $449 and going up to $1,599, Disney offers four different tiers. The more money, the more benefits. 

It can be overly expensive at times, but the experience is pretty memorable.”

— Evelyn Warunek (9)

In addition to getting tickets, at the park, there are many different types of food and merchandise. Although Disneyland allows you to bring food with you, products like popcorn or a churro are hard to resist. Prices can vary depending on the type of food, ranging from $6 for a snack to $61 for dining with Disney characters. For people going to Disneyland for the first time, there are many different options for a souvenir. When visiting the theme park, everything is extremely presentable, making families more interested in purchasing products.


On the other side, people might say Disneyland is worth it because of the experience it has. With close to fifty rides in the whole park, there is something for any age to enjoy. Among the many things to do, Disney characters emerge at random places at different times for photo opportunities. There are parades at night and festivals throughout the year. Currently, Disneyland has a Halloween theme including limited food items and altered rides to fit the spooky theme.


To answer the question of whether or not Disneyland is worth the money, well, that depends on how much money you are willing to spend on Mickey Mouse. Some use more money than others. At times, someone would rather spend $100 on 16 cups of boba. It all depends on how big your want for Disneyland is. Evelyn Warunek (9) describes Disneyland in a way that is easy to understand, saying, “It can be overly expensive at times, but the experience is pretty memorable.”