Homecoming tickets are on sale now, and prices are rising every week.


This year’s theme for the homecoming dance is: “A Night in Neverland”. Credit: Yorba Linda High School’s ASB

Megan Wang, Photojournalist

Ticket prices are rapidly rising as homecoming week approaches. Starting on the week of the 26th from the 30th, prices will be 50 dollars with an ASB card and 55 dollars without an ASB card. 

Homecoming sales will only last through August 26th to October 8th. On October 7th, sales will not be held; on the 8th, tickets will have to be purchased at the dance for 80 dollars. Also, according to the YLHS homepage, guests will be required to pay the non-ASB price for tickets.

Tickets can be bought during break, lunch, and before and after school. And will be mainly purchased at the student services office. According to students, lines have been long, and many have had to wait  more than 10 minutes. So arriving early or non-busy times to purchase tickets has been recommended.

The ticket line is okay, as long as you arrive early

— Reese Gutierrez (10)

Homecoming will be Yorba Linda High School’s first formal dance of the school year and can be attended by freshmen all the way to upperclassmen. Homecoming has been a celebrated campus event and has had a long-standing history since the early 19th century. High schools, including Baylor University,  the University of Illinois, and the University of Missouri, have all claimed to have been the first high schools to host homecoming. The dance was initially meant to be a celebration for former students to “come back home” from the school’s football games and events, giving the name Homecoming. According to Seventeen.com, homecoming usually takes place in late September and early October in order to celebrate the start of football season. 

Prior to the actual homecoming dance, the homecoming week and homecoming game takes place. The homecoming week is a week for all the students to get excited for the homecoming dance and game through pep rallies, school spirit dress-ups, activities, and assemblies. The homecoming game takes place close to the dance and is usually played on the school’s football field or “turf.” The homecoming game was originally meant as a reason for alumni of the high schools and colleges to celebrate their former school by coming home to watch their school’s football game. 

“Homecoming” has been a cherished and widely celebrated event for many years. Because it is also one of YLHS’s most anticipated dances of the school year, ticket prices are rising and selling very fast, so getting tickets soon would be highly recommended.