iOS 16 Update


Faith DeSio

Apple’s latest update, iOS 16, impresses users around the world!

Faith DeSio, Photojournalist

Apple has done it again… their new iOS update is now available! Users have been loving this new update because of its many useful features, accommodations, and improvements. 


Definitely one of the most eye-catching features is the brand new lockscreens! Apple has created a whole new look for iOS users. The fresh new style is loved among Apple’s supporters.

I love the new lockscreens! It was so cool to change the fonts and colors on the display!”

— Rylee Dee (11)

Some of the new features include the ability to have multiple lock screens and switch between them. This can make it easier for users to have a preferred lock screen for their occasion, location, or even time. This could be useful to high school students because they could have a “School” mode on their Apple device; this could include its own homescreen, personalized notifications, and different “Do Not Disturb” settings. This mode could also help students focus on their work while being at school! With this addition, Apple has created many premade lock screens; these can be easily personalized by changing fonts, color plates, and widgets. The addition of widgets now on the homescreen can be beneficial when needing to check weather reports, battery levels, upcoming calendar events, and much more! 


Apple has been listening to user’s opinions and suggestions, we finally have a way to unsend and edit text messages. Now, on the Messages app users can hold down to edit a response, reply, undo send, copy, and translate. This is perfect for fixing and correcting mistakes. 


Apple also impresses the public by launching a new way of photo editing. Users can now easily cut out subjects from a photo, leaving out the background. This sticker can now be pasted into messages, notes, or other sharing platforms. 


Apple also made an iCloud shared photo library for family members! This allows participants to view others’ photos in the shared albums. This could be very useful for family trips or whenever you would like to share a memory with your family in the group!


Along with this new shared album, the company updated and improved their “Hidden” and “Recently Deleted” albums. Now users can make the albums locked and only accessible with Face ID. 


All these new and innovative features make Apple users’ lives easier and enhance their user experience.