Hurricane Kay Cools Down the California Heat Just as it Makes the Record Books.



Hurricane Kay quickly approaches California and Arizona, causing temperatures and fires to decrease.

Megan Wang, Photojournalist

This past month, heat waves have caused significant damage within California, from causing twitter to almost lose power to creating record-breaking temperatures going as high as 125. 

The heat wave first started on August 31 and lasted to September 8, 2022. The temperatures within the two weeks were some of the most extreme heat since the 1950s in Mecca, California, when the temperature was confirmed to be 126 degrees Fahrenheit. So far in the recent span of two weeks, the highest in Yorba Linda had been 106 degrees Fahrenheit whereas the lowest was 98 degrees. But in surrounding areas such as Sacramento, San Francisco, and Death Valley, temperatures have gotten to 115 degrees, 97 degrees, and 125 degrees Fahrenheit, according to 

According to the OC Register, events and outdoor sports, such as tennis, color guard, football, etc. have been canceled or rescheduled due to the brutal heat. “Our practice was canceled, and our game against Cypress was rescheduled to the following week,” stated Simran Vaswanti (9), a current member of the YLHS tennis team. While other students at YLHS have had sports continue in the heat, they feel like the practices have made them stronger and more experienced.  

The Band and Colorguard were dying in the 100-degree heat during practices, but it was worth it because we definitely improved”

— Mikayla Wang (9)

So far, the heat has caused adverse effects on the state of California and its residents. One example is that the heat has caused blackouts, power outages, and limitations. To avoid power shortages and blackouts within Orange County, California energy officials even alerted the public  to conserve energy by using fewer electrical devices and machinery. 

The heat has even caused multiple deaths through fires and high temperatures. According to CNN, four people have been killed through wildfires, two hikers have died, and five were injured from heat strokes and fatigue. 

“But what must come up must always come down,” stated Theodore Sedgwick in his book “Hints to My Countrymen,” published in 1826. Luckily just as quickly as the temperatures rose, they also fell quickly. On September 9, 2022, California experienced rain pour and wind from the tropical storm: Hurricane Kay. After weeks of high temperatures,  temperatures were finally able to decrease, and fires were able to be controlled. The tropical cyclone originally came from Mexico moved northwest to California. 

As the Earth’s climate warms, temperatures become more extreme and global warming is advancing. Heat waves are also predicted to become more dangerous and frequent. To combat this, people worldwide can save energy at home by turning off inactive lights or the TV when not in use. Also, they can walk, ride a bike, use public transportation or convert to an electronic vehicle so that fewer greenhouse gasses will be released. According to, eating more vegetables and fruits along with less meat and dairy and throwing away less food will significantly improve the environment. Lastly, according to, following the three R’s of Reuse, Repair, and Recycle will decrease the speed of global warming and hopefully help avoid another heatwave.