Mustangs Lady Lacrosse


Amanda Sebestyen

A group photo of the Yorba Linda JV Girls Lacrosse team at the Edison game.

Imaan Moten, Photojournalist

Whether you’re looking for a new interest, something to pass your time, or just another sport to play during the off-season I have the perfect thing for you- girls lacrosse at Yorba Linda High School. I play on the JV team as a sophomore and I love it. The team bonding, the new friends, and just the joy of playing a sport makes it so worth it.

Especially this year girls lacrosse has made some big moves. We started the season with a brand new coach and we all have to learn together how to practice and play efficiently. There were many challenges, but we managed to make it work with constant practice and dedication, and our varsity team managed to make it into CIF. A lot of students at Yorba Linda High School may be familiar with the new girl’s lacrosse team coach  Jasmine Garcia, she’s a resident sub at our school and works in the office. The girl’s lacrosse team also has an assistant coach, Mr. Ade who is a Math teacher. 

For those of you who don’t know what lacrosse is, it is a sport similar to soccer but it is played with sticks. It is a relatively easy sport to pick up, especially when you are dedicated and willing to work with the team. Additionally, the rules are fairly simple, with ten players on the field for a team (four defenders, three offensive, three midfielders, and a goalie).

The best way to see if the sport is a good fit for you is to sign up for the girl’s lacrosse summer camp this summer. The summer camp is in the 2 weeks before school starts and is a cool way to meet the team, meet the coach and introduce yourself to the sport to see if it’s a good fit for you. The camp is always a really good time. I have done it myself and it is a way to try out the sport without the pressure of commitment or letting other people down during the season. If you are interested in joining girls lacrosse for the entire year then I recommend talking to your counselor and figuring out how that works into your schedule. Being on a team is a relatively large commitment and there are practices almost five days a week anywhere from an hour to two hours plus. 

One of my fellow teammates Anvi Bhagavatula (10) was able to give a quote where she said that “lacrosse is one of my favorite things ever and I love the sport as well as the girls I play with.” and I couldn’t agree more.