What is Google Glass?

The new Google Glass will be able to translate conversations in real time.

Courtesy of Google

The new Google Glass will be able to translate conversations in real time.

Fiona Salisbury, Photojournalist

One innovation that people can look forward to in the future is Google Glass. At the moment, Google is working towards creating smart glasses that will be able to translate conversations in real time. While these glasses may still only be in development at the moment, Google Glass will likely be one of the next big things in the technology industry.

Google Glass is actually Google’s second try at making smart glasses. Originally, Google Glass was released in 2014, but due to a number of different factors such as its high cost and the possibility that it may be collecting data about its users led to the sales being very underwhelming, and the product being quickly taken off of the market. Still, the original Google Glass led the way for other smart glasses to make their way to the market, and Google is ready to try again with smart glasses — this time with a focus on translations.

Possibly the greatest reason that the original Google Glass failed to succeed was the fact that it has no real practical purpose. Google has learned from past mistakes, and the glasses have found its purpose in translations. By allowing people across the world to communicate with each other in their native languages, Google Glass will increase global connections. Inventions like Google Glass will reduce language barriers and allow people to communicate in new ways.

Another improvement that Google made from its previous attempt at Google Glass is in design. The previous model of Google Glass was not designed with style in mind, and it was visibly apparent that there was a lot of tech in the glasses. The new model of Google Glass has a design that is more appealing to most people, and the amount of visible tech in the glasses has been reduced. In comparison to the previous model, the new Google Glass looks as if it could be just another pair of ordinary glasses.

According to Megan Chou (11) “It is amazing that the new Google Glass can help more people communicate with each other by removing language barriers.” If the new Google Glass ends up being a success, people from all different backgrounds will be able to communicate with each other without having to worry about not being able to speak each other’s language. There is still a lot of time left for Google Glass to continue developing, but for now, the product looks promising.