Memorial Day Weekend Vacation Spots


City of Huntington Beach

Spend Memorial Day Weekend in some of California’s coolest vacation spots!

Faith DeSio, Photojournalist

Memorial Day is just around the corner Mustangs! A three day weekend is quickly approaching. What are your plans for this sentimental vacation day? Memorial Day is a great time to spend time with loved ones and friends to remember, cherish, and honor the U.S, military personnel who died while serving in the armed forces and fighting for their country. 

Memorial Day weekend is a good time to have a little bit of fun before heading into finals season!

One place you could travel to this upcoming weekend is the CTRCity in Anaheim. Here you can shop, eat, and be entertained by all the cute shops and scenery in the center! 

If you are willing to travel a tad bit further than Anaheim there are always the beautiful beaches and mountains in the SoCal area!

Laguanna, Malibu, Balboa, and Long Beach are all lovely to spend the day at or even just go for a half day. There are always great opportunities for delicious beach treats such as ice creams or the famous Balboa Bars! Not to mention the fun and creative different types of transportation such as tandem bicycles and the ferrie! 

The mountains, just an hour or so away from us, are also an enjoyable way to spend your small vacation time. California has Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, and Green Valley Lake near Yorba Linda! One student, Sophie Johnson (10), says “I can’t wait for Memorial Day Weekend! I am planning on spending it with my family at the lake.” At these mountains there are plenty of activities for friends and family to participate in. Both Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead have amazing shopping centers, where there is sure to be something for everyone! These mountain towns also have a variety of great restaurants. Also the lake activities such as boating, tubing, ect at these lakes! 

More locally, taking an adventure to the movie theaters is also a great idea! Many big movies are out now including new Marvel projects, blockbusters, and family friendly films for all to enjoy. Some theaters close by are Cinema City, Regal, Edwards, and AMC! Make sure to check out what movies peak your interest this weekend! 

There are also activities that you could do at home as well such as planting a summer garden, spring cleaning, and just relaxing. Summer gardens could just simply be a few colorful succulents that are low matmence and easy to manage! These could be planted outside or even in a small pot in the house to add vibrance to a room. Spring cleaning, although sounds dull and not exciting, and is a stress reliever to many. Getting everything clean and organized for this new season is calming and revealing. This leads into the next activity which is simply relaxing in the comfort of your own home. Finals are quickly sneaking up and students are about to”go through the ringer” once again. Getting such much deserved relaxation is always a good idea.  

Make sure to have a great Memorial Day weekend Mustangs!