No to New Year’s Resolutions?


Nicole Truong, Co-Sports Editor

The beginning of the new year is almost always associated with the beginning of a new chapter in people’s lives; the beginning of a fresh start or the beginning of a journey to achieve a goal. This goal is usually defined as the “New Year’s Resolution.”


Many people set New Year’s Resolutions in order to set a goal for themselves to meet throughout the year. Whether it be get more sleep or meet new people, this goal is supposed to symbolize a change in the way people act or live. However, are New Year’s Resolutions always the best way or most healthy way to start a change?


New Year’s Resolutions are good in that they allow people to set a yearly goal or get a fresh start. However, why wait until the beginning of each year to set these goals? Why wait 365 days to finally decide to want a new start or beginning? The annual goals people set for themselves can be set at any point throughout the year as well. If health is becoming an issue or if finances are getting tight, why not try to change your life right away instead of waiting until the end of the year to do so?


Junior Kaila Labrador’s thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions was this, “Yes, people should set goals throughout the years for themselves, but New Year’s Resolutions are special since the new year is also symbolic to people as a chance to be a new person.” This coincides with the thought process of many who set New Year’ Resolutions for themselves.


Yes, New Year’s Resolutions are broken many times, but the beginning of the year does serve as motivation as well to those who want this new start. So although goals should also be set throughout the year, New Year’s Resolutions are still a healthy way to bring about change within your life.


With this in mind, these were the most popular New Year’s Resolutions of 2014 (

1. Lose weight

2. Stay in touch with friends

3. Quit smoking

4. Save money

5. Cut down stress

6. Volunteer more

7. Do better in school/get a better education

8. Drink less alcohol

9. Get more sleep

10. Travel