Yorba Linda Wins the Crestview League Championship and First Round of CIF

With their league championship win and first round CIF win, the season continues as the team flourishes!

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With their league championship win and first round CIF win, the season continues as the team flourishes!

Emma Safari, Photojournalist

For the first time since 2018, Yorba Linda High School’s softball team has won the Crestview League Championships! It is clear that this season was extremely successful for the team. The varsity softball team won six games and only had one loss. Their starting lineup battled against several high schools- including El Modena, Brea Olinda, El Dorado, and Foothill- for the number one spot in the league.

After securing the first place spot for Yorba Linda High School in the Crestview League, the team then went on to play against Irvine High School in their first round of CIF. The final score was 5-2 in favor of Yorba Linda. This win ensured the team to advance to their second round of CIF. Their next game will be on Tuesday, May 11, 2022 in Palm Desert, California. The increase in wins has led to more and more attendees at the home games. The school spirit is continuously increasing at a rapid rate and it is spreading throughout not only the student body, but also the staff members. 

“Last year was a rough season for us, to say the least. Comparing this season to last year’s, we had an excellent season and showed much improvement. The team has finally come together and found a way to work together. I think that was definitely a really big part of us winning more and more games. I also think the more people attending our games has given us a bit of a confidence boost. It feels good to know that we have the support of our friends and our teachers,” Kendra Gominsky (10). The team continues to bond through team dinners and matching hair styles. The team continues to improve themselves and work together more harmoniously. The athletes have been working incredibly hard over the fall season and conditioning in order to compete and win their games during this fall season. Their coachability, awareness of the game, confidence, and determination has given them a tremendous advantage above other teams throughout the season. 

The Yorba Linda High School team has had an incredible run in league. As the players continue to improve, the team is going to face more difficult teams who will put up more of a fight. The entirety of Yorba Linda High School wishes the players the best of luck in Palm Desert during their next round of CIF. Good luck to our Mustangs! Keep the winning streak going!