Starting a Podcast



Spotify is the home of so many great podcasts. Give them a listen!

Sharon Sun, Photojournalist

Podcasts rule the world nowadays, servicing busy drivers and bored teenagers alike. The podcasts’ convenient, handsfree, and short audio bites make them an attractive option for anyone interested in an entertaining dose of education. With the rise of music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, podcasts covering a wide range of topics, from murder mysteries to college admissions to celebrity life, are just a tap away. Similarly, podcasts are easy to make with the right tools and focus, so let’s dive into the perfect tools to start a podcast.


A keystone component of a podcast is its microphone. While AirPods and Apple headphones do their jobs well enough to get your voice across, podcasts sound far better when your voice is crisp and clear. Laptop microphones are not optimal, but will do in a pinch. An external microphone would be the best, being able to cancel out most background noise and deliver a crisp, clear voice. A windscreen is a great accessory to external microphones, blocking out harsh consonant sounds in the process of recording. 


Moving forward, the content of a podcast makes it great. It’s imperative to write up a script so you can have a clear focus and subject in your podcast episodes. Not only that, but having a script to keep you on track with your podcast content as you record helps maintain the flow of the podcast and avoid breaking a listener’s attention.


A podcast works best when it can draw in a listener’s ear and hold its attention. Sprinkle the educational or informative parts of a podcast episode with entertainment and humor – remember, there are real humans on the receiving end of an episode! Don’t be afraid to express your personal qualities or show a little personality as you talk in an episode.


In fact, podcasts have no need to conform to any certain category or be educational at all. Like the title of Emma Chamberlain’s personal stories’ podcast, “Anything Goes.” Saraii Roa (11) plans to start her own podcast soon. “My cousin and I have a lot of things to say and stories to tell, so, in a way, through making a podcast we get to talk about anything and it feels as if we always have a listener on the other end to hear our thoughts,” she says.


When the recording is finished and the audio file is downloaded, a podcast episode moves to the easier part of uploading. Sites like Spotify, Anchor, and Podpage make it easy to upload audio files as podcast episodes. Spotify, in particular, is widespread, easily accessible, and particularly great for reaching listeners. 


Stepping into the podcast world can be intimidating, but with the right preparation and tools, a podcast can be as easy as talking in a conversation.