Love is Blind: Show Review


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Love is Blind is a popular dating show on Netflix.

Payton Baughman, Photojournalist

Love is Blind, the reality show, truly puts love to the test – testing the theory that love is truly blind! Like typical reality shows it has its drama, but it has a realness that is hard to look away from.


The show begins with multiple contestants of every gender, race, etc. expecting to find their significant other – only the twist is they cannot see each other.


The contestants are put into pods with a wall dividing them; they can’t see each other, but they are forced to know how someone truly is without relying on looks (Netflix).


The contestants then go on a series of eight minute dates to find out who truly is the one. From there they choose who they have a connection with and decide if they will marry them within the next month.


Will their connection be strong enough to fight or will it just not work out?


Season 2 recap (spoilers ahead)


So who is still together from the show? Who is not? Was their personal connection stronger than their physical?


  1. Nick and Danielle (still together)- although starting as the perfect couple in the beginning, they had their fair share of arguments. Danielle’s wild lifestyles did not fly with Nick, but eventually they worked it out and both said yes at the altar (Netflix).


  1. Shake and Deepti- Although not their usual types, but somehow they had worked it out. Throughout the season it became clear Deepti was more into him than Shake was into her. Shake even referred to her as his aunt, but on the wedding day it was Deepti who said no, choosing herself (Netflix).


  1. Kylie and Shaina-  Having a really strong relationship, what broke them was the fact that Kylie was an atheist and Shaina was a full on Christian. It was clear from the reveal that she was not into him (Netflix).


4 Shayne and Natalie- Although they were voted the couple most likely to stay together, they ended up being a curse. The night before the wedding they had gotten into an argument where Natalie felt unsafe, and from this Natalie had said no at the altar (Netflix).


  1. Salvador and Mallory- Mallory wasn’t as into him as he was into her. She was always searching for more (Netflix).


  1. Jarrette and Iyanna( still together)- Although originally being Jarrette’s second choice, Iyanna proved to be his first throughout the show and they began to have a closer and closer bond each day, eventually compromising to stay out or stay in on their married life (Netflix).


What do you think? Was this a good season?

Jame Vas (10) states,  “I think the season showed us how people truly are, before we were depending on how good they look together, not how they connect.” Love is Blind is a show that teaches us how to love someone for their soul, not their looks.