Library Slips and What They’re all About

Make sure to stop by the library during the morning in order to grab a slip for lunchtime use.

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Make sure to stop by the library during the morning in order to grab a slip for lunchtime use.

Emma Safari, Photojournalist

The Yorba Linda High School library is a place where many students can be found during all hours of the day. Many of these students can be seen studying for upcoming tests and exams, finishing up homework, or hanging out with friends. The library is also a shelter from the unpredictable cold, wind, and rain here in Southern California. But, there is a new restriction on who can enter and stay in the library during certain hours.

As of March 1, 2022, Yorba Linda High School is issuing slips each and every morning to students who wish to spend their lunch time in the library while students without these slips are not allowed to be present in the library at that given time. “If a kid has work to do they can come get a pass in the morning to be in here during lunch. This gives them a more designated space to do work,” shares the Yorba Linda High School librarian,  Ms. Phillips (Staff). This issue of large groups has recently become more of an issue because of the awful weather outside. Not only is the heat unbearable, but the wind and cold is unpredictable, and the library allows for a place for kids to hang out safely and away from the elements.

However, due to this same reason, the library has become overcrowded with little to no room for anyone and incredibly loud.

“The library has gotten a little too chaotic during lunch with really large groups coming in and out and it has become less of a place where kids can get a lot of studying done anymore, especially during lunch. And so, it seems unfair to those kids who want to come in and get some homework done only to be disturbed by these large groups that could just hang out outside.””

— Ms. Phillips

This argument is incredibly valid and true. As the beginning of the year is compared to the current situation, the amount of warm bodies in the library has exponentially grown. It has become difficult to study and or get any work done due to the noise and lack of space. So, to those who find themselves in the library often, make sure to get to school a few minutes earlier than usual in order to acquire one of these library slips to ensure a  study spot during lunch. If any student has any questions in regards to the slips, Ms. Phillips is more than happy to answer questions.