America Involvement in the Ukraine



A protest saying they do not want a war in the Ukraine.

Payton Baughman, Photojournalist

On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. Many People evacuated, and for Men ages 19- 60 are assigned to stay and fight for what is left of their country( Not only are these men fighting, they are protecting their homes. A home in which they grew up in and a home in which they found their family, a home in which taught them love and freedom. 

Why is this a big deal? Why is America so involved? What is their involvement in Ukraine? Is Ukraine part of NATO? NATO, an alliance created April 4, 1949. To begin, Ukraine is not part of NATO, although they did apply for NATO membership in 2008.  Since August 21, 1991, Ukraine has been an independent country, and not part of the Soviet Union. ( Since then they have become more and more democratic government and want to form alliances with many countries, even trying to ally with NATO again. Russian Leader Putin found this as an attack on Russia, and decided to invade Ukraine. Why did he find this as an attack? Well, NATO is one of the most powerful Alliances, so this could potentially be dangerous for Russia.

Also, this was an easy decision to invade Ukraine based on the thought by Russia that the Ukrainian is Weak, and they can easily restore it back to the Soviet Union( Why is Ukraine seen as weak? Back when President Donald Trump was still in office, Mr. Trump basically blackmailed other countries like Ukraine to support Conspiracy theories, on our now president Joe Biden(BBCNEWS.COM). After the public had found this out Trump Was put on trial for Impeachment and was later impeached( Throughout his trial, one of the most outspoken witnesses is the now Ukrainian president Zelensky. Once Mr. Trump had been impeached, he became spiteful and decided to do no favor for the country of Ukrainian. For example, the Pentagon had plans to provide $250 million to Ukraine in security, but never passed the plans to do so, because The president spoke out against them.

So? Is the United States to blame? If they had their security from the Pentagon, would they be seen as weak? What will happen if Russia successfully invaded Ukraine? Will the United States step in?

Although many people such as a student here at YLHS state, “I hope we have no war, that would be terrible”(Kylie Tsai 10). If Russia does make it all the way to Poland in their invasion, the States will have to intervene as Poland is part of NATO. This will cause all 30 members to fight with Poland, and Russia to call their allies. Causing possible WW3.

What do you think of the Russian invasion? Do you think there will be a WW3?