Finals Week; The Most Stressful Time of the Year

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts when tackling finals week that will help you find success on your tests while also not overworking your body and brain while preparing.

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts when tackling finals week that will help you find success on your tests while also not overworking your body and brain while preparing.

Katelyn Ruggles, Editor

It is the most stressful time of the school year… finals week! Sadly, we have to survive this week twice every school year. With finals always ending up being a significant percent of your grade, they are some of the most nerve racking and heavily studied tests we take every year. However, with all the stressign and studying you do, it is important to remember to put time aside to focus on your mental health. 

Of course, studying for these important tests is always encouraged, and hopefully is actually being done, but there does come a point where you can overwork yourself and studying can do more harm than good. To retain information in an effective way, you need an energized brain, not an overworked brain. In the long run, doing activities to relieve stress and rejuvenate your brain will help you study better and therefore do better on your finals. 

Break times are a must when it comes to studying. However, students tend to not choose the best way to spend these breaks. Most kids just want to go on their phones for 15v minutes between study sessions to give their brain a break from all the work. But going from looking at papers and laptop screens to being up close on your phone screen causes a strain on your eyes and brain, and does not do much to give your mind a chance to recharge. Especially since it is easy to get distracted and carried away while on your phone which will take away from your study time.

 Insead, you can go for a drive if you have a license and car, or take a walk if not. I know this does not sound like the most enjoyable break, but listening to music while going for a drive or walk can relieve stress and lift your mood, while also allowing you to get some fresh air and clear your head. 

Studying with friends is also a great way of preparing for finals while also making sure to get social interaction and not isolate yourself. Being with friends can make studying more enjoyable and can also be used to remind yourself that everyone is going through the stress of finals week which can reduce the stress and pressure of feeling overwhelmed. You can also set goals for you and your friends to achieve certain studying milestones, and then celebrate together by going out and doing something fun for yourself. Brett Barrera (11) comments on the stress of finals week, saying that

Finals week always stressed me out because I knew these tests were important and tested on everything we learned, but being with my friends motivated me and also made studying more fun than just being by myself.”

— Brett Barrera


The last, and probably most important way to keep your body and brain energized during finals week is to get enough sleep. It is common to pull all-nighters when studying for tests, especially tests worth a large percent of your grade, but without sleep, your body and mind will not be in their best condition to retain information and perform to the best of your abilities on these tests. Sleep is the number one way to recharge your brain and allow you to have the most success when taking tests. 

Hopefully finals week is not causing you too much stress this year. Of course, this being the first year of in person finals for some students might add on extra stress, but it is something that students in the past have been able to do, so you can do it too! Just remember to take time for yourself in the middle of all your studying and try your best.