The Power of Encouragement

Encouragement is powerful enough to benefit both the giver and the receiver.

Courtesy of Vunela

Encouragement is powerful enough to benefit both the giver and the receiver.

Tiana Salisbury, Editor

We see encouragement each day in our lives. We see it when people spread positivity with an infectious smile and when people tell others that they are doing a good job. We see it at sports games when fans enthusiastically cheer on their favorite teams and players and when people show up to support their loved ones at important events. Encouragement is everywhere, and it is crucial to recognize its power.


Encouragement directly benefits people who receive it. By providing encouraging words or actions, the receiver’s confidence will build since they believe they are doing well enough to be praised. With increased confidence comes increased performance, which emphasizes how encouragement can alter people’s actions. Encouragement also provides hope during hard times. When people send flowers or a kind note to someone who is going through something difficult, they are spreading a message of hope. This motivation can stimulate behavior that will help someone move on from or overcome a difficult challenge. Providing positivity will let others know that someone is there for them, which will reduce stress and spread happiness. Encouragement can also reinforce positive behavior. The satisfaction from encouraging words and actions is seen as a reward to many people, but especially children. This causes them to be more motivated to behave and act the way that is expected from them.

When I encourage others, I feel better about myself.”

— Abigail Lee (10)

When people encourage others, they are also motivating themselves. After providing someone with encouragement, people are often overcome with positivity since they are able to see the effects of their positive actions. Abigail Lee (10) agrees and says that “when [she encourages] others, [she feels] better about [herself].” Givers of encouragement make differences in other people’s lives, which can inspire them to continue to encourage others and spread joy so that they can change more people’s lives for the better. Giving encouragement also allows people to establish a strong connection with the people they encourage. Whether they are giving encouragement to a friend or a stranger, the person giving the encouragement is sure to be remembered by the person receiving it. The giver and the receiver establish a bond of trust, which can be useful if or when future opportunities for collaboration arise.


Since encouragement is so beneficial, it should be given out as frequently as people smile at one another. Giving encouragement is equally beneficial as receiving it, so let’s do everyone a favor and encourage one another to be our best selves.