A First Date Crash Course



First dates can often be nerve-wracking, but with the right steps they can have a happy ending.

Karyss Park, Photojournalist

The first date– it’s something many anticipate, and the gateway to a potential romance with whoever one’s special someone might be. Although a first date seems to be an exciting occasion to look forward to (and it is), it is also the source of much stress and anxiety. What should I wear? Where should we go? What should I say? What should I do? What should we eat? What if it goes wrong?— these are some of the many questions people ask themselves when preparing for a first date. However, if one is completely confident in their abilities, they may not have to ask themselves these troublesome questions. Confidence is good, but it is only natural to feel at least some anxiety when preparing to do something as special as a first date with someone of interest. For those who are actively fretting over what to do during an upcoming first date or who simply want to be prepared for when the time comes, here are some first date pointers.

Without a doubt, one of the most popular questions regarding first dates is the question of what to wear. To answer that question, it is technically entirely everyone’s own choice (dressing up like a slob is not recommended, of course). But, in all seriousness, a first date outfit choice may vary depending on factors such as personal style, the location of the date, the weather the day of the date, and the activities done during the date. Typically, dressing up fancy is the first thing that comes to mind, but it may not be such a good idea if a first date involves messy food or constantly active activities. After all, it would be quite unfortunate for a tie or dress to fly into one’s face during a rollercoaster snapshot. It is important to dress appropriately for the occasion, but also in a way that shows time and effort was put into having a nice appearance. If the date is a fancier dinner date, it might be best to wear formal attire. If the date is at a more casual spot such as a cafe, the formality of an outfit can be toned down a bit. On the contrary, if the date involves activities such as rollercoaster riding or paintball, it is best to dress casually and comfortably; high heels may put you at a high risk. Even for a casual at-home date, dressing up is too extra and unnecessary. Though it is easier said than done, rationality with a touch of personalization is the key to the perfect first date outfits.

In terms of location, there are a few places that have proven to be staple first date destinations through romance shows, movies, and stories: the classic nice restaurant, the tension-and-butterfly-filled movie theater, the fun-filled arcade, the thrilling amusement park, the library (in which on a first date, no one will actually read), and the refreshing beach. These settings all have their charms, but as with outfits, it is up to personal preference to decide which one to go to. The activities one wants to do on their first date will also affect which setting would be most appropriate for their first date. Angelina Pintang (11) says, “in my opinion, the most romantic first date would be an early dinner at an oceanside restaurant where you can look out onto the ocean.” She continued to describe her ideal first date, saying that once her and her date had finished dinner, they “would walk down to the beach and just sit in the back of a car” while listening to music and admiring the sunset. As seen from Angelina Pintang (11)’s description of her ideal first date, what is done at the location of a first date is almost even more important than the location itself, and should be properly planned out for the most enjoyment. Along with the traditional first date basics, it is a must to have the right mentality. Rather than worrying about driving a first date away with dark secrets or getting spaghetti sauce on white clothes, one should have confidence in their desire to succeed and should focus on trying their best to have an enjoyable time with their date. There are immensely more benefits to optimism when compared to worrying, whether one is dealing with a first date or any other hurdle in life. Besides, a date should meet with a person for that person alone; not for their popularity or their ability to buy them everything in sight. In conclusion, a first date should reasonably go well as long as both sides ensure they equally do their part, and plan accordingly for whatever they would like to do together.