Burning Out and It’s Commonness



Burnouts happen whether or not you try to avoid them. Make sure to keep a balance in your life and keep your mental health in check.

Emma Safari, photojournalist

From teenagers in high school to adults in college, many students between these years of education experience periods of burning out. It is a struggle that many face and do not know how to deal with. So the question is, why is it such a common and accepted occurrence in society? And what exactly is burning out?

Burning out is an event that occurs among many teenagers and young adults. This occurrence consists of feeling mentally exhausted and empty on the inside. In addition, the feeling of a lack of motivation and a lack of caring also occur when burning out. The individual who is burning out often feels a deficit of care and a low desire to carry out day to day tasks that would often be seen as ordinary and routine.

For many, this burning out is found during the middle of the school year. Early school hours and long practices can be draining on many student athletes. One student who is also an athlete, Madalyn Martin (10),

School days just seem long and they extend into my home time after all my practices and at the end of the day, I have no motivation.

— Madalyn Martin

It is difficult to find the will to sit at home and forcefully do hours worth of homework from each and every class after a long and draining day.

School takes a toll on the mental health of many students in more ways than one. From the stress of failing classes to being so overwhelmed with the intentions of college, it can be extremely stressful.

School can be a lot to process and keep up with. It definitely takes a toll on the mental health of most people,

— Joy Mikhail

” shares Joy Mikhail (10).

Without a balance between it all, a burnout can be more and more probable. 

So why is it so accepted? Why do students and staff members expect one another to burn out? This can be caused due to multiple reasons, such as large amounts of relentless stress, high demands, and anxiety, alongside emotional drama. These are feelings and experiences that many who travel through the school system experience. It is a known occurrence.

However, keep in mind that mental, physical and emotional health are key factors to living a happy and healthy life. As demanding as school is, taking care of yourself is also an important and necessary task. Make sure to keep a balance between school life, sports, and social life because all three are necessary to staying content.