Should You Invest in an Electric Car?

While the idea of waiting for a car to charge may seem inconvenient, its really not and is so much more cost-efficient.

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While the idea of waiting for a car to charge may seem inconvenient, it’s really not and is so much more cost-efficient.

Imaan Moten, Photojournalist

Picture this: a world with no gas stations, significantly fewer oil plants, less fossil fuel emissions, and loads of electrical use. That’s right – this is a world where gas cars cease to exist, and electric cars are the new normal. 

It was announced by California Governor Gavin Newsom not too long ago that by 2035 there would be no gas running cars for sale in the state (CNBC). That time may seem far away; it takes a number of years for car companies to invent and design electric cars that are convenient enough for everyday use while setting up the supply chains and infrastructure to manufacture them. With that being said, it’s not as if car companies have not already gotten a head start. Top car companies like Ford have already started to make innovations like the first-ever electric pickup truck, and companies like Tesla are coming out with cars whose electric battery has a max range of 405 miles. This type of innovation is necessary for this vision to become a reality. 

So, what does it mean to own an electric car? On the surface, it may just seem convenient, maybe a little hipster, and more headache than it’s worth but that is definitely not the case anymore. In fact, if you were looking at it from the perspective of cost, electric cars are significantly cheaper to drive per year. The average cost of gas per year that one household will consume on average is $1,968 (how to create) while an electric car will only cost you about $171 if you are charging once a week. 

Currently, it may seem inconvenient to own an electric car, but that’s because the industry is just getting started. Stocks for a number of brand new electric car companies and related corporations are blowing up – it is now one of the hottest markets out there. As you may have noticed, electric car chargers are becoming more and more accessible; they are being added to almost every parking lot mall and even some gas stations that are along main highways. With all these new electric car charging stations another issue is solved. 

A lot of people’s hesitation with electric cars is definitely the range. It makes it harder for road trips, going across the state, and generally is just a problem. However, with all these new electric car stations and strategic locations, it now makes these things extremely possible. I can speak from experience because I recently took an electric car to Las Vegas which is about 258 miles away. Even with a range-restricted car, we were able to stop for one charge on the way there and one charge on the way back and got home with no problem. The total charging cost for this trip was only $26 versus the almost $200 you might have spent on gas. 

All in all,  gas cars are about to be in our rearview mirror and electric cars will be the new normal, so it is important that we open our minds and educate ourselves about the topic. One student Adil Ismail (10) stated “Electric cars are better for our planet and better for our wallets,” which I wholeheartedly agree with.