Why AMD is Better than Intel

There is a huge competition between AMD CPUs and Intel CPUs


There is a huge competition between AMD CPUs and Intel CPUs

Matthew Mantoura, Photojournalist

Throughout the last couple of years, Intel has been dominating the computer scene. All of their products have been marginally better than any type of CPU brand that has tried to make a better CPU. Knowing this, most people had Intel CPUs because of the popularity Intel has. However, a few years later, a company known now as AMD marched forward and introduced their new CPUs, the 2000s series. A lot of people then saw potential in AMD and made the switch. This meant that Intel was starting to lose its fame for being the best.

Ever since AMD dropped the 2000 series, they were working hard to keep on making newer and better CPUs for gaming and rendering. These  AMD CPUs are mainly famous for their rendering power. They have lots more Cores as that’s the main component of a CPU. The popularity of the AMD CPUs continued to go up, but this did not stop Intel from making better CPUs, getting their popularity back. They then went on to make new CPUs, known as i3, i5, i7, Pentium Gold, Celeron CPUs, and more. These also had more cores than their previous ones.

After this, it raised a lot of competition in the pricing, and the performance of both of the CPU brands. They went on to keep on making CPUs, until AMD’s latest CPU drop, inventing the 5000 series, these CPUs were a huge hit as soon as they came out, as they had the most cores known, and kept getting better performance, but nothing will beat their AMD Threadripper, which has 64 cores, but I personally would not count that as it is really exclusive. 

But recently, Intel has noticed a lot of the things that AMD has been doing. Intel has been working on a new patch of CPUs, their current exclusive CPU, is the Intel i9 7900x, worth around $65,000. Jordan Luzzi (10) says “It’s crazy to think how good those expensive CPUs are, I mean $65,000 is literally a car.” They’re currently the best and most affordable, CPU just announced recently, and is called the i9 12900k, which is speculated to have 16 cores, a huge step up for intel. This however, is not that big of a difference to AMD as AMD is known to have higher scores in their CPUs. Overall, I certainly think that performance wise, AMD is a lot better due to the higher amounts of cores, Intel is still a good brand, but if it was a competition, AMD would definitely take the cake no questions asked.