Are Early Morning Risers More Successful?


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Waking up early gives people more time to get things done, leading them to be more successful.

Tiana Salisbury, Editor

Upon hearing that someone routinely wakes up at a ridiculous time in the morning such as 4:00 AM, most people are shocked. According to Sleep Cycle, the average person wakes up around 7:00 AM each morning, which shows that the majority of people would not even think about getting up so early in the morning. Megan Chou (11) finds it “hard enough to wake up each morning for zero period, and [she] can’t imagine how someone could get up at 4:00 AM every day.” However, waking up at early hours in the morning helps lead people to success.

I find it hard enough to wake up each morning for zero period, and I can’t imagine how someone could get up at 4:00 AM everyday.”

— Megan Chou (11)

Studies by numerous biologists show that people are most productive in the morning. After waking up from a night’s sleep, the brain is well-rested and therefore more proactive. This causes people who wake up early to be more motivated to perform their morning activities, whether it be working, exercising, or simply preparing for the day ahead of them. Regardless of what people do so early in the morning, they are sure to get things done more efficiently than someone who wakes up at a later time, making them more successful.


Research by Live Study proves that waking up early also makes people happier. Although many people may argue that getting up early causes them to be groggy and tired, having an early wake-up by routine can make people happier because they are more time to spend throughout the day. Getting up early gives people more time to prepare for the rest of the day, which ensures that they don’t need to rush and stress out about getting somewhere on time or completing assignments. This increased happiness leads to enhanced performance, which will help people be more successful in the things that they do.


The phrase “early bird gets the worm” is proven to be true since early morning risers are presented with more opportunities. According to Life Hack, if someone were to get up an hour earlier each day for a year, they would gain an extra 15 days. Waking up earlier gives people more time to spend during the day, which can be spent getting ahead or catching up on work. This extra morning time can also be spent on enjoyable activities like reading a book or exercising. People might not be able to do these things because of chaotic schedules, so having time in the morning to do these activities gives these people opportunities to improve on skills or relax.


Even if it does not seem the most enjoyable, getting up early can lead to success. The time early risers gain in the morning allows them to get a head start and motivate themselves for the day ahead of them. It may take some time to adjust to an early morning wake-up, but the effort will ultimately be worth the struggle.