Bones or No Bones Day!?


New York Post

A new viral sensation has taken the internet by storm — Noodle the pug and his bones.

Faith DeSio, Photojournalist

We have a new way to start the day — bones or no bones!? The question on everyone’s mind each morning — bones or no bones!? 

The man under the username @jongraz on TikTok has started a new internet sensation. He is the owner of “Noodle” the pug. This puggy, loveable, old, and chubby dog brings so much joy to people’s lives through the Internet. The premise for this Internet craze is to see whether or not the loveable canine will be able to stand each day. Noodle’s owner, Jonathan Graziano, stands him up every morning and sees what Noodle will do. If Noodle does not want to stand or is too tired, it is a “no bones” day, but if Noodle proudly stands upright, it is a “bones” day. 

A “no bones” day means that the day will be chill, relaxed, and mellow. A “bones” day means that the day will bring positive changes, happiness, and will overall be a great day. This trend can be somewhat compared to the holiday Groundhog Day. Just like Groundhog Day, an animal determines the future. (Note that this is purely for fun and Noodle the pug does not actually predict the future or know what type of day an individual is going to have.)

This trend allows viewers to interact each and every day with the content that Jonathan puts out. Many students at Yorba Linda High School enjoy participating in his movement. One Mustang, Natasha El-Maissi (10), says “I can’t wait to check Tik Tok every morning with my friends and see what type of day it is. It is so fun to see what Noodle does each day!” 

Noodle and Jonathan were recently featured on the news! In an interview with NPR, Jonathan says that he has been doing this with his furry friend for years! He states, “We’ve just been doing this for years. I adopted Noodle when he was seven and a half years old, and we learned very early on that when he doesn’t want to go on walkies, he will not go on walkies. And it’s just insane to be able to share this with you guys and see the response. So I really appreciate it” (NPR). It is a good thing that Jonathan decided to post these funny videos onto TikTok because Noodle has now been promoted to influencer status. 

This trend is a great little motivation every morning. The lighthearted and fun nature of the simple 30 second clips makes for a nice pick-me-up each day. Bonding with friends and family over the cute pug with the loveable name of Noodle is a great way to spread cheer. 

So if you need a little dash of love to add to your morning routine, check out @jongraz on TikTok and see for yourself if it is a “bones” day or “no bones” day.