Christmas Before Thanksgiving?

The Christmas joy should be felt year round. As long as it brings you joy, set up your tree whenever you see fit.

Natalie Smith

The Christmas joy should be felt year round. As long as it brings you joy, set up your tree whenever you see fit.

Emma Safari, Photojournalist

Christmas is arguably the most popular holiday in the United States of America. Many people celebrate by hanging up wreaths, setting up and decorating Christmas trees, and setting up Christmas lights. But when is it too early to start celebrating the winter time festivities? Is there a set range of time where Christmas trees should be set up and Christmas stockings be hung?

Thanksgiving is yet to have passed and already, many are seen setting up for the festivities, including the students of Yorba Linda High School. In the past years, it is often that individuals celebrate Thanksgiving then start setting up for the Christmas holiday. But in our current times, it seems as though this is no longer the case. So…the question is, are people starting to undermine Thanksgiving and skip it completely  in order to rush to and celebrate Christmas? 

“It isn’t that I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. I am grateful for both holidays. To me, they both mean celebration, gratitude, and blessings. If it makes me happy to put up my tree early or have a peppermint bark shake, I am going to do it. I know some people who put up their tree all year because it makes them happy. I believe that you should do whatever makes you feel joy,” shares Sarah Shay (Staff).

Christmas is undoubtedly the time of year where joy is spread the most. From the family reunions to the heartily cooked meals to the giving of presents to one another, joy is spread throughout the season. Making lasting memories with family and friends while being filled with happiness that stems from the holiday itself is the most important part of the holidays after all. 

“[Personally] I would set up for Christmas after Thanksgiving, but people that set up before then get me pumped up for Christmas. It’s really just up to you,” Hannah Jebelli (10)

So whether you decide to set up for Christmas and deck the halls right after Halloween or right before Christmas Eve, do as your heart desires and do what makes you happy. The holidays are a time for joy and festivities. Embrace them and make the most out of them. Surround yourself with the people who are held close to you and make the most out of their presence. After all, who says people are only allowed to be merry and festive during a certain period of time?