Stores are preparing for a blowout this halloween.

Shelves are starting to get looted and stores need to make changes.

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Shelves are starting to get looted and stores need to make changes.

Matthew Mantoura, Photojournalist

In October, stores are prepping in order to have enough candy to suffice for their customers this halloween. It is very common that stores are flooded near halloween, so stores are taking precautionary measures to make sure that this does not happen. This can be done by, getting extra amounts of candy, limiting the amount of candy a customer can buy per purchase, etc. There are a lot of things that stores can do to help with this problem, but there honestly is a simple solution to this recurring issue that happens every halloween.

In my opinion, if I ran a store I would have multiple strategies to combat the overflowing of customers and upset customers that are unable to buy candy for the trick or treaters at their houses. The first thing I would do is note down the normal amount of customers a day, and make sure the store’s amount is at least double to triple the amount. I then would make it mandatory to allow customers to ONLY buy 3 bags per person. This would definitely combat the overflow and would leave candy for all of the other customers in the store. 

` Stores and retail brands should definitely take this into account as this would definitely fix a lot of the problems that people face every halloween and would help a lot. Stores, as of now, have not made any statements as to what they are going to be doing this halloween. I definitely recommend that stores take this issue into account and make a plan, A simple plan, as stated previously, where you limit customers options would suffice. This of course would only need to last for the week before halloween, as that is when there is the most traffic for candy/items. I also think that this has the same problem on costumes.

“Honestly, I think that stores can fix this solution as easy as 123.””

— Jordan Luzzi (10th)


A lot of kids miss out on halloween due to the fact that they are unable to dress up since they do not have a costume. Jordan Luzzi (10th) says “Honestly, I think that stores can fix this solution as easy as 123.” Another simple solution to this problem would be making a reserve list for certain costumes, that way people would not be crowding the areas, and it would overall be a more civil way to help customers get what they are looking for. Overall, I’m looking forward to what the local stores are going to be doing this Halloween, and I hope that they are going to be taking the issues into account.