“Web”toons to “Spin” Off the Halloween Season


Karyss Park

There are many webtoons that make a great treat during the Halloween season.

Karyss Park, Photojournalist

Halloween is right around the corner, and there are many treats to look forward to–candy, costumes, festivities, and webtoons (yes, webtoons). A webtoon, by definition, is a type of digital comic that emerged from South Korea. Webtoons mostly consist of manhwa (digital comics of Korean origin), but on places like Naver Corporation’s Webtoon app, there are also many webtoons created by non-Korean artists and writers as well. With vibrant colors(all webtoons/manhwa are fully-colored), stories, and writing, webtoons have risen to immense, international popularity as comics read by millions around the world. Conveniently, webtoons can be read on numerous devices, with fans primarily choosing to read them on their smartphones for easy access. As such, many students enjoy webtoons wherever they are, most commonly using Naver Corporation’s Webtoon app. To spin off the Halloween season, the Webtoon app has a few popular series that are sure to make spookily good treats for the average trick-or-reader (Viewer discretion is advised).

Currently chilling the blood of 1.5 million+ subscribers and even more readers on the Webtoon app alone, Lina Im’s Unholy Blood (a.k.a “화이트 블러드/White Blood” in Korean), is a must-read for the Halloween season (and the webtoon season, in general). Set in present day South Korea, a young pureblood vampire named Hayan Park seeks revenge on those who killed her parents, loved ones, and chance at a normal life–who, ironically, are also vampires. However, they are “mixed-blood” vampires (vampires who were originally human) who emerged from an over 10-year-old vampire pandemic, caused by the mysterious and sinister “God”. With her otherworldly strength and powers, as well as the help of a charismatic human detective, Hayan faces her true self and fights to save her blood-ridden world. Norah Li (11), says, “it’s a good webtoon for Halloween because it has a really good plot that makes you wanna keep reading and see what happens next.” The webtoon is recommended for readers 15 years old and over, with a decent amount of gore, violence, and foul language derived mostly from the antagonists of the series. Unholy Blood’s thrilling plot, sprinkled with heart-felt and humorous moments, is a quality choice paired with its beautiful art and captivating characters.

Another terrifyingly popular webtoon for the Halloween season is Carnby Kim and Youngchan Hwang’s Sweet Home, which gained such great traction that it was adapted into a Korean drama television show in December of 2020 (which can be viewed on Netflix). Slightly similar to Unholy Blood, Sweet Home takes place in an apocalyptic South Korea where people all over the world have morphed into horrible, man-eating monsters, representing their desires from when they were humans. Specifically, the story centers around Hyun Cha, a reclusive high school student who moved to an apartment complex after the tragic loss of his family. At first he lacks much empathy, but Hyun soon begins to develop a strong sense of devotion to his apartment complex neighbors that he befriends in his fight for survival. Sweet Home kept many readers hooked with its petrifying cliff-hangers, extreme tension, intense plot-twists, blood-curdling monsters, and psychological horror, which also kept them awake at night. Fittingly, its rough, dark art style conveys the mood and emotions of the scenes well, and leaves readers squinting in fear of being traumatized by the next panel. However, the webtoon is not all blood and gore, with its emotional moments of both sadness and bittersweetness. Sweet Home is the perfect webtoon for those who love thrills and nightmare-inducing scares, but it is not for the faint of heart (extreme gore, violence, disturbing images, foul language, and psychological terror are present in this series).

In contrast to the last two series, LICO’s Refund High School is a light-hearted, charming, and fun webtoon that has captured the hearts of many. Tragically, a high-school girl named Aru dies in a car crash, cutting her dream of becoming an idol short; However, she is given the opportunity to be reincarnated into a better fate by attending Refund High School, a special school in the Underworld that gives students the chance to reincarnate as the ideal versions of themselves. As Aru attempts to accumulate enough karma to earn her dream reincarnation, she meets and bonds with both familiar and odd faces–including the mysterious and aloof sea serpent boy, Mook Lee. Refund High School is a webtoon that can be thoroughly enjoyed by both young and mature audiences, with its balance of lively characters, sweet romance, endearing humor, and bright art style. Overall, Refund High School is sure to refund readers on their time with the treat of its sweet read.

Finally, Jeho Son and Kwangsu Lee’s Noblesse lays this list to rest, while its protagonist awakes from his 820-year-long rest. This webtoon follows Cadis Etrama Di Raizel (more simply known as Rai), a being from an ancient, superhuman race called the Nobles, who awakes from a long slumber to his new life as a high school student. Behind his ethereal, handsome face (according to both his fellow students and non-human subordinates alike) and peculiar inaptitude for understanding modern technology, Rai holds great power with the title of the Noblesse of his race–their hidden protector, judge, and if necessary, executioner. While adapting to normal, human ways, Rai is confronted with the issue of attacks from enemies known as the “Unions” who threaten to disrupt the peace of his new life. Like some of the previous series, this webtoon also contains violence, but has humorous and heartfelt moments as well. Additionally, Noblesse was adapted into an anime show in October of last year. Strong and defined in its art style, Noblesse is an interesting webtoon with a reputation.

In conclusion, there are many webtoons that can be especially enjoyed during the Halloween season, or even just at any time when one is bored. The series listed are promising reads for all who decided to give them a chance, and will prove to be a treat for many.