Why Crocs are the best Shoes!



In the mall, it is not uncommon to find a wall of Crocs.

Payton Baughman, Photojournalist

Although they can be seen throughout school every day, Crocs are widely known as an ugly shoe. Even if they are ugly,  the shoes win our hearts every time. 

Since I am involved with aquatics here at Yorba Linda High School, Crocs are the ultimate shoe. They are great for all year round shoe wear. Being great for the winter where you can have cozy socks and stay warm, while also not having the chlorine ruin other shoes. Then during summer, Crocs are useful as shoes that can easily slip on and off.

Crocs may be a shoe you don’t think you will fall in love with until you try it on. Not only is it more comfortable, but it is also better than any other shoe for many reasons. 

For starters it is way easier to clean: the crude oil cover makes it easier to scrub off dirt and mud. Because the material doesn’t stain into the shoe like other brands such as converse or vans, it is easy to wash with just water and a little bit of soap (Gear Patrol) 

Another reason Crocs are the best is they are comfortable: it’s like walking on a cloud. They don’t have the stiff, hard feel of a Vans, but a soft marshmallow-y feel. Thus, it is a great shoe for people with foot pain. Crocs give people a softer bounce rather than a hard solid feel (Gear Patrol).

Even Jessica Jones, a student at Yorba Linda agrees, “I like Crocs because they have maximum comfort to walk in and they bring out a great sense of style” (Jones 10).

Crocs are also great for going in the water. We have all had that trip where parents bring us on, where at some point in the camping trip we can go swimming. We jump into this lake or river and… a sharp rock hits your foot. To prevent that, wear Crocs; they act as armor for your feet when the lake’s bottom feels like you’re walking on LEGO pieces.

Not only are they great for going through water, they can work afterwards as well. The shoes dry quicker than average shoes because the plastic material dries faster than fabric (Gear Patrol0).

Although many may say the Crocs’ unpleasant look may be a deal breaker, I am here to prove you wrong. Because you can learn to love things, although ugly, they can be decorated to fit your appeal. Jibbitz charms can be put inside the holes that are made for this reason. With many designs in different shapes and sizes, you can mix and match these charms to match your persona. Even choosing your favorite color for the croc makes these shoes seem not as ugly as before.

Do you own crocs? Are they the best? Would you buy crocs? Or are you just missing out?