Scary Halloween Events in Southern California

Knott’s Scary Farm is a popular Halloween Event that many students attend. Filled with haunted mazes, creepy scares, and spooky entertainment, a night at Knott’s Scary Farm will definitely terrify you.


Knott’s Scary Farm is a popular Halloween Event that many students attend. Filled with haunted mazes, creepy scares, and spooky entertainment, a night at Knott’s Scary Farm will definitely terrify you.

Danielle Huizar, Editor

Once the month October hits, students are excited for the month of Halloween to start. They start watching horror movies, carving pumpkins, snacking on candy, and deciding on what Halloween costume to wear. One of the most popular Halloween activities students like to do is going to scary events to get in the mood for Halloween season.

It’s super fun to go through the mazes”

— Nicole Phillips (12)

The most popular event, arguably, for Yorba Linda High School students to attend is Knott’s Scary Farm. Located in the popular Southern California amusement park Knott’s Berry Farm, this event is “where nightmares never end.” Consisting of “terrifying mazes, sinister shows, and more,” students will definitely have a scary time there. Also, they can ride the thrilling rides the amusement park has to offer. Nicole Phillips (12) states that this is her favorite scary event because she goes with her friends “every year” and thinks “it’s super fun to go through the mazes.” Knott’s Scary Farm lasts until October 31st on select dates, and you can purchase tickets on the Knott’s website and the Main Gate (

At Universal Studios in Los Angeles, Halloween Horror Nights is taking place on select nights until October 31st. For this terrifying event, “you’ll want to bring plenty of friends with you to share screams and watch your back” as you go through “terrifying mazes,” “face nightmarish creatures,” and “lose yourself in outrageous live entertainment.” Tickets for general admission start at $84, and you can save money if you buy them online ( 

Also in Los Angeles, Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain is a horrifying event that students can attend. Attractions at this event include haunted mazes, scare-zones, a “bone-chilling lineup of Spooktacular shows,” roller coasters in the dark, and a variety of spooky foods. Also, some new entertainment for 2021 includes The Deadzone where “zombies feed on the flesh of unsuspected trespassers,” Terror Rising-Dark Developments which takes place in a “haunted cemetery,” Dark Minds where a “mentalist opens the door to the unknown,” and Grave Games where you can witness dangerous acts take place. The One-Day Ticket only costs $65, and it is open on select dates until October 31st (

In Fullerton, The 17th Door Haunted House is definitely a terrifying and creepy experience. At this attraction, you will visit Perpetuum Penitentiary where you will meet Paula, a woman who viciously murdered her son Lincoln who is now seeking “atonement for [her] past sins.” She attempts to get freedom from the warden but fails, so by entering, you will join her as a prisoner and fight for her redemption. This is a very intense haunted house experience recommended for those 16 and older, and there are many special effects used in this haunted house, including “claustrophobia, electrical shocks, moving floors, water, foul scents, strobe lighting, projectiles, fog, total darkness, dizziness, suffocation, water inhalation, disorientation and loud noises.” With these terrifying special effects, there is a safety word “mercy” if you want to leave a room or not participate in a part of the experience. If you want to experience this horrifying experience, you can buy tickets on the website and need to sign a waiver, and if you are under 18, you must have your parents sign the waiver as well ( 

The Haunted Car Wash Tunnel of Terror OC is located in Anaheim, California. If you need a car wash and want to be scared, this event is perfect for you. Including scary ghost and ghouls encounters as well as many spooky special effects, you will have an unforgettable car wash at this event. Tickets are around $30, and this event occurs on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights (

For those people who are not that into scary events, Knott’s Spooky Farm is a family friendly event at Knott’s Berry Farm during the day time where you can see a variety of different Halloween decorations. Likewise, Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort is a family experience where you can experience Disneyland in a spooky way with emphasis on rides like the Haunted Mansion. Also, there are a variety of Pumpkin Patches and family friendly events you can attend, such as Haunted Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, Haunt’oween LA, Pumpkinfest in Pomona, Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch, and many more (

As October comes to a close, there are still many Halloween Events you can attend. These events are scary but fun, and you will probably remember the spooky scares for the rest of your life. Have a great “Spooky Season!”