YLHS Football vs Esperanza



YLHS and EHS collected a total of 1,485 cans for local food banks.

Suhani Bhanvadia, Editor-in-Chief

Let’s go Mustangs! Another win for YLHS football! The rivalry game took place on October 1st, 2021 at the Shapell Stadium with Mustangs away and Atzecs home.

Before the game, students rallied showing their support as they walked to the stadium together. Spirits were high and the Mustangs were ready to face the Aztecs.


Many believed the game would be tense as the school’s rivalry was at a high. Some thought that the game may not even take place. But these, however, were in fact rumors. On September 30th, both principals of EHS and YLHS made a statement: “Our schools look forward to an exciting football game and friendly community gathering this Friday.”

During the rivalry week, both schools participated in competing to collect the most cans to donate to local food banks. During halftime, the principals and ASB of both schools announced that a total of 1,485 cans were collected. Despite having an intense rivalry, the Mustangs and Aztecs were able to work together in order to help their community. Renee Li (12) comments, “I was glad to see our schools work together to support our community. Especially after spending the last year and a half online and not doing much, it is events like these that make me proud to be a Mustang.”

It is events like these that make me proud to be a Mustang.”

— Renee Li

Yorba Linda began the game strong, scoring four touchdowns all within the first half of the game. The trend continued through the second half as they fed off of the energy in the stable. Mr. Hipwell (S), who was near the YLHS band, comments that “the music was great and it was really cool to see the stable loud and supportive of the team. I even have a video of all of the students with their phone flashlights on like they were communicating with EHS across the field.”

Suhani Bhanvadia
Suhani Bhanvadia

With Mustangs flooding the student section in blue to show their YL pride, YLHS football won the game with an astonishing 0-51 on the scoreboard. Kayla McKechnie (12) adds, “the game was really fun. Even when the score was 0-44 and a victory seemed imminent, the student section stayed loud until the last few seconds of the game.”

Touchdown after touchdown, Yorba Linda secured a win and continued their winning streak. As the Mustangs celebrate their victory, they look forward to winning next week’s homecoming game against Canyon High School on October 8th. Make sure to dress neon and show your support in the stable!