The Do’s and Don’ts of Homecoming

Make sure to save the date for the YLHS Viva Las Vegas homecoming

Emma Safari

Make sure to save the date for the YLHS ‘Viva Las Vegas’ homecoming

Emma Safari, Photojournalist

For many, homecoming is one of the most looked forward to dances during high school, whereas for others, it can be one of the most stressful times of the year. Whether it’s finding the perfect dress, the perfect shoes, or finding a date, homecoming can be a taxing event. From finding the most in style dress to asking someone to the dance, here’s the guide to it all.

Many want the question of ‘What really is the difference between the dress code for homecoming versus prom?’ answered. “I guess homecoming is considered semi-formal while prom is formal. So, the dresses worn at homecoming are typically shorter than the ones worn at prom. But honestly, wear whatever you want, each to their own,” says Ashley Tsai (10). Usually, boys are to choose a comfortable suit that includes a clean, standard jacket or a button down with a pair of nice slacks to match. While on the other hand, girls are seen wearing short dresses and heels. However, don’t be afraid to break the stereotype and wear something completely out of the ordinary. 

For many incoming freshmen, and even sophomores who have not yet been to a high school homecoming, finding a date to the dance may be a new concept. As seen on many social media platforms, such as Instagram and Snapchat, being asked to homecoming usually consists of a cheesy poster and flowers. Those who do plan on asking someone should keep in mind catchy phrases and fun slogans to decorate their posters. However, for those who do not have a date to the dance and for those who do not plan on asking anyone, they should enjoy their time with their friends and take as many pictures as possible. After all, photographs do indeed capture the moment at hand. 

Homecoming is the time where dozens of memories are made. This is one of the times during the year where in ten years, one can look back on pictures and relive the good moments made with friends. It is definitely one of those must attend events that is guaranteed to produce long lasting fun between friendships. 

Show off some Yorba Linda High School spirit by dressing up and attending the dance. Remember, in order to be admitted into the actual dance, students must buy their tickets beforehand. Tickets prices will be rising as the weeks that lead up to homecoming arrive. In addition, students are required to bring their Yorba Linda High School student I.D cards. Guests will also only be allowed in if the YLHS student brings with them a visitors pass. 

Drop by for a mere moment and see how much fun a high school homecoming can be. Enjoy the time with friends, have a blast, and take in the scenery, because after all, homecoming only comes around once a year.