Disappearance of Gabby Petito

Disappearance of Gabby Petito



Photos of the investigation of Gabby Petito murder and the connection between the three.

Payton Baughman, Photojournalist

Gabby Petito seemed to be living the dream, traveling cross-country with her soonto-be husband – all while documenting this journey on Youtube so the world could see. So on September 11, when Gabby Petito was reported to be missing, the world was shocked (NBC News).


What is interesting with Gabby’s disappearance is that many things don’t add up, and there are many holes to this story. For example, Gabby was reported missing by her mother on September 11, but her fiance Brian Laudrie had driven back to their home in Florida on September 1st, raising suspicion (NBC News).


Why didn’t he report her missing? Why was it ten days later when her mother finally realized she was gone?


What raises more suspicion about Brian is that on September 14, Brain decided to go for a hike in The Carlton Nature Preserve. It was not until September 17 when he was reported missing by his family; however,the car he seemingly drove to the nature preserve was in his parents driveway (NBC News). Madison Vo (10), a student at YLHS agrees, saying “ I think him doing that makes him more suspicious.” It seems almost as if his disappearance was planned. 


According to NBC News, the Florida Carlton Preserve is a difficult place to survive in with it being 75% underwater this time of year. This place is 25,000 acres of nature and is near to impossible to find someone in. It has some of the deadliest animals with there being snakes, alligators, and panthers. The FBI has been searching for Brian for a few weeks now, but this just makes him seem even more of a suspect then he was before.


Then on September 22, a body found previously would be confirmed to be Gabby Petito. Her body was found at Spread Creek camp site in Wyoming, and it would be confirmed by the head officer that her death was in fact homicide (NBC News).


Did Brian kill Gabby? A woman on Tiktok named Miranda Baker may have confirmed this story. She claims to have picked up Brian at the natural park where Gabby’s body was found. She and her husband were driving at 5:30 at night on August 29 through the natural park where Brian seemed to be hitchhiking. They picked him up at Colter Bay Village then dropped him off at Jackson Lake dam.  After hearing they were going to Jackson hole, Brian allegedly freaked out and wanted to get out at the dam. She does mention that he did say he had been camping multiple days without his fiance, and she was at her van working on their social media page.  


Miranda Baker finished the video by stating, “For someone camping multiple days he didn’t look dirty or smell dirty.”


Ultimately this leaves us with so many more questions: is this a woman telling the truth or someone who wants stardom? If it is true, why did Brian get so nervous going by Jackson hole? This is especially suspicious because it is very close to where Gabby was found dead. Is he a man who had separated from his girlfriend, leaving her alone to face a terrible death? Is he innocent? And if he is, why is he missing? Why was he clean after so many days of camping? And finally, what really happened to Gabby?