Jewish-Arab Troubled Coexistence

A tragedy that has left many to suffer the consequence

A burnt wall from the destruction.

A burnt wall from the destruction.

Aroosa Malik, Photojournalist

Coexistence: a term that suggests an equal partnership, where communities are exposed to each other by differences in geography, economy and politics, lives in a free interplay of ideas and customs.


However, what would happen if that coexistence between two groups was interrupted?


Recently, in Jerusalem, the Hand in Hand school was set ablaze, destroying the books and decorations made by the students. Graffiti was sprayed over the burned walls reading “Death to the Arabs.”  Although there was no witnesses to the event, the police suspect the criminal to be an Israeli. Prabhleen Kaur(11) thinks that, “it’s awful for such a discrimination to take place, and this horrific act should set a precedence for humanity to come together in peaceful manner”.


Because of the ethnic tensions between the two groups, the city has been divided. The “Green Line” is an invisible line that separates the West Israelis from the East Palestinians. Such attacks have increased Israeli forces in the area.  Ever since the war between Israel and the  Palestinians in Gaza, there has always been a constant fight for dominance in the region.


However, officials believe that with little coexistence people can learn complexities of the other group’s life.  This is why schools, such as Hand in Hand, were established, so Arabs and Jews can build the understanding to live with one another.


YLHS is a great environment for students to cooperate and learn from one another, while also being a great amalgamation of cultures and traditions.