The Good in the Pandemic

A picture of a sunrise at the beach to show an example of good in the world.

Karina Shah

A picture of a sunrise at the beach to show an example of good in the world.

Karina Shah, Photojournalist

2020… When you think about that year, you most probably have negative feelings and thoughts. Sam Loza (10) sums it up perfectly and says “Whenever I think about the past year I get a little bit uneasy.” Most likely, your mind recalls the global pandemic that reaches into the depths of everyone’s life, altering your reality as it may have been. But where there is rain, there’s a rainbow, and this rainbow demonstrates that there is so much good to see through the pandemic. 

While people are staying home, they are taking fewer cars, trains, plains, and any other modes of transportation that admit dioxides into the environment. In addition, many factories have slowed production as their production was considered non-essential or created items that have lowered sales. Overall, these social and industrial changes have led to an improvement of the world’s environment. In Delhi, India the previously murky skies are now blue due to the decrease in nitrogen dioxide pollution. China has seen a steep increase in air quality that positively affects the health of local residents. Fuel and resource production has decreased in many areas which reduces the overall carbon footprint humans leave. 

Working has been a focal change for anyone who has a job or is in school. In fact, working has increased during COVID-19 more than ever. Currently, 85.9% of males and 66.5% of females work more than 40 hours a week. Productivity for corporate businesses has increased dramatically as well. Many companies have done better than they had ever previously seen including- Amazon, UberEats, Zoom, and local Liquor Stores. The pandemic has increased the wealth of the economy for many people, increased productivity, and allowed for more adaptable work ( 

Many people have started to save their money after realizing that life is unpredictable. The personal saving rate has skyrocketed to a record 32.2%. People have re-evaluated the importance of having cash and have become more frugal with their spending. Overall, people have been able to save money on everyday expenses that are no longer needed. In fact, $123 billion of debt has been shed since last year. 

Health care has been the backbone to hold up the world during this deadly pandemic and is stronger than ever. Health care professionals have been getting more recognition, which is well deserved, for serving on the frontlines of this pandemic. Health has come to the spotlight with more measures taken towards complete safety. There is more emphasis on cleanliness and avoiding the spread of germs which has caused flu cases to decrease dramatically. To add, there have been many medical advancements for things like robotics, disinfection, personal protective equipment, face masks, and on-demand COVID tests or vaccines ( 

Outdoor activities have gone on the rise for those stuck inside. People have increased their time outdoors with activities like hikes, camping, gardening, and beach trips. Human connection with nature is an important part of happiness and health as shown by a Columbia University health study. This increase in outdoor activities extends into an interest in physical fitness. Home gyms and workouts are a peak interest as seen by an economic increase for companies that sell physical fitness geared products ( 

Aside from these positives, societal changes have been the most important. For those who have been quarantined with loved ones, a stronger connection has most commonly been the case. People are able to form more authentic bonds with those who are in their life. Communities have started that may have not previously become together. Community events like virtual gatherings, food drives, and mental health support groups are adding new members and sharing the love they give. People have been connected with Facebook groups, social media apps, and other online forums. With increased free time, more new hobbies have lobbied connectivity.

This pandemic has hit hard for almost everyone. However, it is extremely important to focus on the good in the world when there is so much bad. Thinking about the positive of a situation serves to benefit everyone including yourself. When things are out of your control, like a global pandemic, positivity is the key to maintaining the ideology that helps to achieve your goals and beyond.