The Privileges of Being Fully Vaccinated


Courtesy of SHRM

Within the past few weeks, COVID-19 vaccines have been distributed by the millions each day. With more and more people becoming fully vaccinated, it’s important to understand what actions are safe and what actions are still discouraged.

Paige Reddick, Photojournalist

As millions of Americans have received or are scheduled to receive the coronavirus vaccine, it’s important to understand the privileges one may experience after being fully vaccinated. As public health regulations are gradually being lifted, the millions who are vaccinated can expect to enjoy exemptions to the regulations that are still in place. With many eager to see friends, visit family members, travel, attend sporting events, and return to the lifestyle we maintained prior to the pandemic, the positive impact that mass vaccinations have had on creating a missed sense of normalcy is welcomed. 

When one plans to be vaccinated, they should consider and understand the public safety rules in place that no longer apply to them. Many of these rules center around travel. With summer approaching, many individuals are eager to plan a trip. However, throughout the course of the pandemic, non-essential travel has continuously been discouraged. Indeed, international travel has been barred in certain regions. Most states have required those arriving and returning to the state to provide a record of a negative coronavirus test result from up to 72 hours before travel, and travelers must participate in a fourteen-day quarantine to avoid the possibility of transmission. As coronavirus case numbers have dropped, many quarantines can be shortened to four days with a negative test result. But when fully vaccinated, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention declares that Americans can travel domestically without a negative test result and needing to be quarantined upon arrival or return. When planning to travel internationally, fully vaccinated individuals are also able to avoid a negative test result and quarantine in select locations (

According to the CDC, fully vaccinated people who desire to visit with friends and family members safely can visit maskless and indoors with other vaccinated individuals. As Janelle Casacchia (12) explains, “being vaccinated allows me to be safe and protected when visiting with others.” Additionally, the CDC has recently released new information stating that fully vaccinated people can visit unvaccinated people indoors and without masks so long as those individuals are not at risk for severe illness ( Thus, those who are fully vaccinated can safely enjoy small gatherings, contributing to the gradual feeling of normalcy that is returning to our lives. 

While being fully vaccinated does allow for many privileges and exemptions, we must remember that not every rule can be bypassed. Despite being vaccinated, the CDC strongly discourages medium to large-sized gatherings and visiting high-risk individuals indoors and without masks (

If you are able to be vaccinated soon, remember to understand the rules and regulations that either no longer apply to you or must be continually followed. With more and more individuals taking the vaccine daily, returning to somewhat normal life seems to be on the horizon. Stay safe, Mustangs!