What to Expect from the Upcoming Apple Event

At the upcoming Apple event new products and updates will be released.


At the upcoming Apple event new products and updates will be released.

Faith DeSio, Photojournalist

On March 23rd, 2021, Apple is hosting its spring event. This exciting occasion is said to be full of new products, launches, projects, features, iOS upgrades, discontinuations, and other Apple-related things that are yet to come. 

Apple’s next-gen earbuds will reportedly look more like the AirPods Pro and come with spatial audio support and touch controls. The company’s rumored AirTags tracking devices were expected to be announced in 2020, but have so far remained off the table at Apple events. Last fall, Apple unveiled a new line of Macs powered by its own in-house M1 chips, the iPhone 12 lineup, the Apple Watch 6, and several new iPads (CNET). The new line of Macs with the personal M1 chips are of great use to online learners and at-home workers. The chip improves the overall operating system of the device and creates a more positive and quick experience. Along with the launch of the iPhone 12, Apple Watch 6, and a new line of Macs the Apple website and stores were flooded with customers eager to purchase the latest products in late 2020. 

The third generation of Airpods is supposedly coming out in a few weeks. This new and improved design is said to be more compatible with apps such as Zoom and FaceTime with better microphones and surround sound audio. Apple’s latest iOS 14 and Big Slur OS updates have helped AirPods auto-connect to Apple devices faster, but some people have to double-check that their AirPods are paired during a Zoom or FaceTime. Sometimes people also encounter bugs that Airpods disconnect once in a while as well as not pair the audio to the device on the first try (CNET). The Airpod 3’s are also going to be compatible with Apple’s new Fitness Plus workout service. The new AirPods also have a feature where you press them instead of tapping like the current generation of the AirPods. Apple just launched its own Fitness Plus workout subscription service, which requires an Apple Watch. AirPods are an important piece of the Apple Watch music workout triangle, but so far the Airpods’ built-in tap controls are pretty limiting and lack positional awareness (CNET). One student from YLHS who is excited for these new products, Jessica Jones (9), says “I am excited about the new Apple products and updates because it means there are new and exciting things coming. Apple is one of the best brands and has cool features. This shows technology is advancing!”

With the release of all these new and exhilarating products, Apple has decided to discontinue many of their own gadgets including the iMac Pro and the Apple HomePod. Apple has decided to fully focus more of their Apple Silicon MacBooks and other new features in their newer versions of the MacBooks. This led to the discontinuation of the classic iMac Pro. Apple has also decided to focus and improve their HomePod Mini and discontinue the Apple HomePod as a whole. Although these appliances will be missed, the new improvements and products are sure to satisfy its users. 

In conclusion, with the upcoming Apple event, people can expect many great improvements and achievements from the Apple company.