Who is Christian Hall?


Gower Funeral Home

Christian Hall, a young life lost too soon. R.I.P.

Kayden Mandley , Photojournalist

Christian Hall, a Chinese American nineteen-year-old from Monroe County, Pennsylvania, was shot and killed by state troopers following a mental health crisis on December 30th, 2020. According to initial reports, the troopers were provoked to shoot at Hall because he was pointing a handgun directly at them while approaching their vehicles. However, that statement was largely contradicted when a video of Hall, who was shot at multiple times while his hands were in the air, spread across the media. 


Since the release of that video, followers of Hall’s story have been flooding social media in search of justice for him and his family, but no progress is being made. Unfortunately, Christian Hall’s story is just one of many. There is an abundance of stories similar to Hall’s due to the alarmingly growing rate of violence against the Asian American community. In San Francisco, an 84-year-old Thai immigrant died after suffering injuries after being pummeled to the ground. In Brooklyn, New York, a Chinese woman was slapped and set on fire. In Oakland, a 91 year old senior was knocked onto the ground from behind. Even students at Yorba Linda High School are being affected by the rising animosity. Niamh Mayhew (12) shares, “I am genuinely scared for my family every second of the day, especially for my grandmother who lives in Oakland. My father has already been harassed a few times, and it’s not fun getting a phone call from him on why we can’t go to that market or that store anymore whenever I visit.”  Clearly, crimes and attacks against Asian Americans are very real and very much alive.


Ever since the start of the pandemic, violence and harassment against the Asian community has jumped 1200% in Orange County and is up 115% in Los Angeles County. Stop AAPI (Asian-American, Pacific Islander) Hate has reported that they have received over 2,800 reports of violence and/or harassment last year. Much of the newest wave of xenophobia and hate stems from COVID-19’s apparent origin in Wuhan, China, even though the origin of the virus and patient zero are unknown, according to WHO. Therefore, due to the lack of information based on where the virus commenced, it was easy to point the finger at Asian Americans since it was declared that the outbreak started in China. As a result, nicknames such as “Kung flu” and “the China virus” quickly circulated and it has become an easy excuse for someone to target anyone who is Asian. Asian Americans became the scapegoat.  


Asian Americans are being singled out, harassed, and physically harmed. This is a serious problem that ultimately will not go away until people become more educated on the issues surrounding communities of color. A nationwide discussion on racism within America is long overdue. Too many people have paid the price for the ignorance and hatred of others, people such as Christian Hall. It is essential that justice be brought to Hall, his family, and anyone else being wronged by oppression, in order to stand up against racism. It is important that those who are being oppressed be able to speak out and amplify their message to spread awareness. Until then, the cruelty and unjust actions against Asian Americans will continue, and more stories just like Hall’s will become another statistic.


Rest in peace, Christian Hall.