How to Succeed in the New Semester


Courtesy of Udemy

Students should take advantage of the start of the new semester so that they can succeed for the rest of the year.

Fiona Salisbury, Photojournalist

Every new semester at Yorba Linda High School gives students an opportunity to have a fresh start. Since grades have been reset, students should take advantage of the start of the new semester to make sure that they start off strong so that they can be successful for the rest of the school year.


A new semester gives students an opportunity to improve on their study habits. One way that students can improve their study habits is to avoid procrastination. While it may be challenging for many students, students can be more productive if they space out their assignments over time so they spend less time doing things last minute. Other important study tips include staying organized, planning out a schedule, and prioritizing subjects that may be more challenging.


Students can also succeed this semester by improving how they spend their time in class. Since classes this year are primarily held over Zoom this year, students may struggle to stay focused in class. Even though it can be challenging, students should do their best this semester to be attentive and engaged in their classes.


While studying is one of the most important ways to succeed academically, it is also important to prioritize mental health and wellbeing. Students should make sure that they get enough sleep and that they are eating healthy so that they have more energy throughout the day. By managing their time wisely, students should also find time to do things that they enjoy. Activities such as playing sports, reading books, baking, or watching shows on Netflix are great ways to take time off from the daily grind of school. Ultimately, it is important to find a healthy balance between school and your own well-being. 


Some students may have found themselves suffering from COVID-19 burnout. This has caused many students to feel exhausted, however, students shouldn’t let burnout prevent them from succeeding. Students should keep in mind that even though the pandemic has lasted a lot longer than anyone had anticipated, one day it will be over. Because of this, students need to make sure that they put in their best effort regardless of how challenging it can seem.


Ashley Lee (10) says that “it is important for people to take advantage of the start of a new semester because it is the perfect opportunity to improve on how you did the previous semester.” Every student has been given a chance to improve, so it is important that everyone keeps working hard for the rest of the year.