2020 Recap: A Year That Will Go Down In History

2020 was by far one of the most eventful and chaotic years, but it is finally time to kiss 2020 goodbye and hopefully say hello to a better 2021.


2020 was by far one of the most eventful and chaotic years, but it is finally time to kiss 2020 goodbye and hopefully say hello to a better 2021.

Katelyn Ruggles, Photojournalist

It is safe to say that 2020 was not a typical year for people across the world. With a pandemic, a quarantine, and a U.S. presidential election, there was not a second of boredom for a U.S. citizen, as these historical events always sparked a new conversation. Today, we will be dissecting the madness we call 2020 and looking in detail at all the highs and lows of the most memorable year of our lives.


Everything seemed to be going fine during the first two months of the year, but then mid-March hit the world unexpectedly and introduced us to a new deadly virus called COVID-19. It started with just 2 weeks off of school, but little did we know we would not be seeing our teachers or friends in person for the rest of that year. Online became the new normal for kids across the world, and the thought of a full classroom or a school dance seemed foreign to students. 


Now it is June, and it’s finally summer. However, the U.S. is in a countrywide quarantine, so really summer consisted of staying home, trying new trends that surfaced on the internet, and having enough time spent locked up in our homes to last a lifetime. Going out to a store or restaurant without a mask and social distancing seemed like something that only happened in dreams at this point of the virus. Though quarantine may have seemed to be unenjoyable, it was a time where people could have a break from the world and become in touch with themselves. When thinking of the most memorable times of 2020, Kealia Amorin (10) said that ”getting a chance to spend time with my family and appreciate the little things in life” has been a highlight of 2020. Many used it as an opportunity to achieve goals they normally would not have time for, like improving their style, health, and hobbies.


Not only were people trapped in their homes all day, but there was one of the most significant presidential elections slowly approaching, which added to people’s stress of 2020. The election seemed to have brought a divide in the world. Protests were held for opposite causes across the country, and it seemed that the U.S. was in a fight against each other. The presidential election was no help to the issue. It is no question that there would be chaos brought to the country no matter who would win, so it was no surprise that the election resulted in even more riots and protests. 


Going into the last month of 2020, everyone hoped for a better 2021, a year where hopefully the world can be at peace again and COVID-19 is under better control. These hopes were unfortunately not fulfilled, as 2021 started with even more COVID-19 cases than before, more riots and protests, and everyone living what seemed to be the same day over again. Still staying at home for work or school, restaurants being take out only, and more and more shops and businesses closing. 2021, this has not been the sweetest beginning we could have asked for, but our spirits are still high to turn this negative energy into positive vibes going into the rest of the year.