NFL Playoffs Standing and Predictions


Courtesy of Los Angeles Times

How have the games fared and what will this season’s unpredictability lead to?

Nikole Galea, Photojournalist

As everyone knows, the current COVID-19 crisis has put a strain on sports. Although, this won’t stop them from continuing their annual traditions. All of the teams have had a hectic year, but have still put 110% into their games. 

Underdogs did well in the initial stage of Wild Card Weekend, going 4-2 as the 2021 NFL Playoffs got underway. The Cleveland Browns wrapped the weekend up by way of knocking off the Pittsburgh Steelers 48-37, thereby being outright upset and clearly clearing the 5 point underdog title. Now eight teams remain and the sportsbook odds for the games are revealed.  The biggest NFL favorite for the NFC playoff bracket is the Green Bay Packers at -7.  They will play the Rams in an epic battle.  The other NFC matchup will be the New Orleans Saints against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  This fight will be closer as the Saints are a three-point favorite. 

In the AFC playoff bracket,  the Chiefs are the clear favorites.  They hold a 9.5 point advantage against the Browns.  The toughest battle will be held between the Baltimore Ravens and the Buffalo Bills.  They will fight it out with the Bills holding a 2.5 point advantage.

Where are the handiest values for NFL bets because of the Divisional spherical 2021 processes? All of the 2021 Divisional spherical NFL traces are indexed for the total combined points going under its total value.  In short, the teams are not predicted to score a lot and they will be a defensive battle. A good source would be the SportsLine’s superior PC model; it has all the NFL betting recommendations and predictions you’ll want to form the only 2021 Divisional spherical NFL choices now. 

There is the main model, which simulates each NFL game 10,000 times.  As a result, it has been up almost $7,900 for $100 gamers on pinnacle-rated NFL picks.  This model has been calculating results for five years. This season, it’s gone 24-14 and returned $800. This prediction model has calculated some pretty impressive results in the previous seven years.

Moreover, the model additionally ranked in the maximum 10 on NFLPickWatch in 3 of the past four years on direct-up NFL selections and beat ninety-five percent of CBS sports office pool gamers 3 times at some point during the span.

One of the top Divisional round NFL models recommends the Saints to cover its -3 spread as it goes against the Buccaneers in an NFC Divisional round matchup on Sunday at 6:40 p.m. ET at its home field in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans.

The Bucs struggled to oust the Washington football team in its first play up matchup. The backup Taylor Heinicke threw for 300 yards and one touchdown.  Washington proved a worthy opponent as it clearly covered the 10 points spread that it was stacked against. New Orleans, within the intervening time, took care of the Chicago Bears, winning 21-9 and covering its 10 point spread.

New Orleans has a different challenge this week.  It will go against Tom Brady and the Bucs. The SportsLine’s model mentioned above looks for the Saints to again pick out the Saints to not only win but cover the spread of 3 points. Last matchup, The Saints´ Star Running Back, Alvin Kamara, and quarterback, Drew Brees, played phenomenally well and covered their individual model predictions of yards performed. New Orleans covers over 50 percent of the time; therefore, they are going to be bettorś favorites going into the Divisional Round.

Based on the hardships and uncertainty that have unfolded in 2020, it will be interesting to see if the models that have been utilized above hold true in this unprecedented year. Hopefully, the results of these games lead to an interesting Super Bowl matchup, although will this year’s events lead to a different Super Bowl all together? Ilana Perkins (9), states “I don’t think COVID-19 will affect the Super Bowl. They will allow maybe up to 50% capacity. There will probably be fans but no food services. Though if everyone wears masks and show proof you tested negative, along with no signs of symptoms the chances of giving this game to us with normality is pretty likely.” Plenty of hard work and effort will most likely put into this year’s games to make them seem as normal as possible while still maintaining the proper safety precautions