Cross Country Champions

Valerie Pham, Photojournalist

The cross country team started their season on September 6, 2014 at the annual Cerritos Great Cow Run and ended it on November 29, 2014 in Fresno, California at the State Championships. The YLHS cross country team trained from all of summer until the end of November with no breaks. Their endless dedication and hard work is reflected in their results. Both the varsity boys’ and girls’ cross country teams made Yorba Linda High School Cross Country history countless times.


The team made Yorba Linda High School Cross Country history when both the boys’ and girls’ varsity teams advanced to CIF finals, a prestigious and very competitive competition that requires both mental and physical strength. The cross country team represented YLHS in a total of twelve races. The whole team ran seven invitationals and two league races, but only the varsity boys’ and girls’ teams participated in CIF Prelims and Finals. The varsity boys took it a step further and advanced to the state championships. Both varsity teams placed first in their respective races during the Orange County Cross Country Championships held at Irvine Regional State Park. The varsity girls placed third in the Crestview League Finals behind two of our biggest competitors: Canyon and Esperanza, who beat us by just four points. The girls continued their domination at the CIF Prelims at Mt. SAC. The course is comprised of three arduous hills, the Switchbacks, Poop Out, and Reservoir Hill.  The course is the incredibly demanding and requires strategy to keep the runners motivated throughout the challenging pathways. The girls made it to CIF Finals, where they gave it their all. Although they weren’t able to advance to the state championship, they had an amazing season and should be proud to have represented our school in amazing ways.

The boys’ varsity team won their first ever league championship in YLHS cross country history, beating one of their biggest rivals, El Modena, to place first in the race and win the title of North Hills League Champions. After winning league champions, the boys moved on to compete in CIF. The boys showed their perseverance during the CIF preliminary rounds that took place on the most difficult and grueling course: Mt. SAC.  The team was able to progress to the CIF Finals, which took place on the same course. The boys strategized to find the perfect way to run the course. They refused to get caught up in the fast pace other teams were running at during the first mile, because they were aware of the consequences of starting out too fast. Their devotion to their sport took them to the next level: state championships, making them the first ever YLHS XC team to make it to state. They continued to practice rigorously over Thanksgiving break, which led to their State Championships on November 29, 2014. The boys gave us a reason to be proud to be Mustangs, taking eleventh place out of twenty-three state ranked championship teams.  They finished off the season on a great note, as the California State Championships is the premier cross country high school race in all of California, and such a high placement is worth being proud of.

With the season over, the cross country team is currently on a two week break of complete rest before their winter off season training starts. Although the season is over, after their break, the team will resume training for the next season. Ashley Le (10) stated that, “This season has been great and although the girls didn’t make it to state, we are proud to be represented  by the boys at State. It was a great season and I am proud to say that I am a part of the team. I can not wait until next year for the new season. It has been a great experience.” Kylie Yum (9) stated that, “It was a great season and I made so many great and unforgettable memories. I don’t just have teammates, I have sisters.”