Holiday Shopping for Impossible People


Courtesy of Budsies

Although it may seem difficult to find an appealing gift for picky gift receivers, there are many options for gifts that are sure to impress these people.

Tiana Salisbury, Photojournalist

Everyone knows at least one person who seems to have everything you could think of giving them this holiday season. However, there are many gifts that you can find that are sure to appeal to anyone’s interests.

One idea that is sure to please whoever you gift is something personalized. Personalized gifts are not only unique, but they also show how well the gift-giver knows the receiver and their interests. PensXpress also states that personalized gifts trigger positive brain activity because they allow the receiver to make a connection with the gift and themself. Some examples of personalized gifts include mugs with someone’s name on it, birthstone necklaces, and pet portraits. 

Another gift that is sure to impress is one that is homemade. Homemade gifts show the receiver that the person who made the gift cares about them. People who give homemade gifts choose to put in the extra effort of making a gift for someone instead of just buying one from a store. Although it seems as if most people would appreciate a high quality gift bought from a store, it is more likely for someone to appreciate a homemade gift because it is definitely a one-of-and-kind gift that is made with care.

When it comes to people who are difficult to shop for, it might be a better idea to have them buy what they want instead of you buying them what you think they want. Gift cards allow the receiver to use their gift to buy things that appeal to them, thus eliminating any possibility of dissatisfaction. Someone may appreciate a gift card for their favorite store or restaurant, and even better a bank-issued card that can be spent anywhere. Piper Guyton (10) says that she “enjoys receiving gift cards because they give [her] freedom to spend it wherever [she] wants.”

For the past couple of months, people have been spending more time in their homes to stay safe during the pandemic. Because of this, gifting something that can be used in the house is also a suggestion. The type of item that the receiver will appreciate ultimately depends on the person. For example, someone who spends a lot of time working at home will enjoy receiving new office supplies while someone who spends time cooking will like an innovative kitchen gadget. These types of gifts are sure to be used frequently since people are encouraged to continue staying home when possible to limit the spread of COVID-19.

As the season of gift-giving continues, it is important to recognize that we can help bring joy to even the pickiest people. Everyone deserves to be happy this holiday season and to accomplish this, we must give thoughtfully to ensure that we are spreading positivity.