Mason Randolph: A Mustang Marching Ahead


Courtesy of OC Register

This past signing day, Mason Randolph had fully committed to Boise State. He will be starring on the football team next year.

Sarah Lemos, Photojournalist

Here at Yorba Linda High School, the students have made sure to show they can be a part of the best. Mason Randolph is no exception from this as he officially committed to Boise State. 


Mason Randolph (12) tells, “Boise State is a huge decision I made with my family.” Everyone at Yorba Linda is excited about this amazing announcement. Mason would be following behind Michael Callahan and Nathan Cardona as they previously went there as well.


Mason was excited to tell everyone about his commitment to such a big school. He said, “it’s a life-changer, but there are only good things from here on out! I’ll forever Bleed Blue!” While he was offered by other schools, Boise State seemed to have the most inviting environment to him. Our football program has produced other Boise State players like Michael Callahan. Callahan, a Yorba Linda High School alumnus, shared his thoughts on having another mustang join the team: “super excited to get the chance to play together again and that Nathan Cardona and I had the opportunity to help in Mason’s recruitment to Boise State.” Randolph’s friends were all excited to watch him grow from a small freshman to the young man he is today. A fellow friend and teammate, Ryan McCarron (12) shares about his friend, “He’s an amazing person to play with. He always makes practice fun and lightens the mood. But [as] soon [as] we get into games, it’s all business and I respect that.” They shared their excitement for Mason’s commitment to Boise by sharing it over social media, congratulating him on this great achievement. 


In the classroom, Mason is seen as an excellent student to his teachers. A previous teacher of Randolph’s, Mr. Hipwell (staff) describes him as “a super interesting person because he is so kind and funny in class, but he is an animal on the field.” Mr. Hipwell was always very fond of Mason after having him in his chemistry class the year prior: “the same kid who requested “Bubby”, by Colbie Caillat, to be played in class is out there pancaking defensive linemen.” It will be sad to see Mason leave the classroom, but students will be able to see him play alongside a new pack of Mustangs next year. 


Usually, on Friday nights, you’d be able to catch Mason wearing #72 as he runs out to the field. Mason played on the defensive end of the team as tackle which made his team grateful for him being there, especially his coaches. Mason’s past teammates knew having him on the team would be for the better. Callihan tells, “he’s a freak athlete and an even better teammate. I’m excited to see what he can turn himself into when he gets on campus in July.” They were all happy to see the path Mason will be taking as he leaves Yorba Linda for college. Coach Bailey (staff) commented “Mason has worked extremely hard to get where he’s at! I am very proud of him.” While it’ll sadden people to no longer see the big 72 run onto the field at Shapell Stadium, Coach Bailey is already excited to see Mason play as he said “[I] can’t wait to see him on Saturdays dominating on the Blue Turf!! Go, Mason!!” He always played an important role in his team as he was friendly to those around him, but knew just how to focus in a game.


The mustang, Mason Randolph, here at Yorba Linda will soon be leaving the stampede to catch us with another herd. That doesn’t mean he won’t be missed as many of his fellow students will be turning on their TVs to watch Boise State play with their hometown mustang. Once a Mustang, always a mustang is true for Mason Randolph.